If you want to improve your Warzone skills, you should watch these streamers

If you want to improve your Warzone skills, you should watch these streamers

19. April 2023 by miranda angeles

Every day the level of Warzone players increases; some people improve with hours and hours of practice while testing until they reach their goal. On the other hand, some players follow the best streamers to see their play style and acquire skills.

A great option is to watch the best streamers with a great level of play, which teaches their fans how to acquire skills; they even recommend game settings. After watching these videos, you should go to the game to practice everything you saw to improve your level of Warzone gameplay.

Which streamer to watch if I want to improve my Warzone skills?

This question is asked by many new players or those who want to understand the game better to get more victories. We all know that mastering the game is not easy, but if you learn the game strategies and the best weapons for your play style, you can gradually gain experience to become an excellent player.

For all those who want to learn on the internet, there are many streamers, and here we have the list of the best Warzone players who explain very well to their fans.

Tim “TimTheTatman” Betar

With this streamer, you can see a frenetic gameplay style of Warzone Squad combat with a more ethical perspective. Furthermore, with TimTheTatman, you will see how teamwork helps you achieve great victories. Despite not being the best streamer, he proves to all his followers that you can constantly improve with hard work and practice. In addition, you will be able to enjoy very fun games.

Tyler “TeeP” Polchow

With this streamer, you can learn another style of play based more on the number of kills he gets. TeeP has been a professional Warzone player, and after retiring, he has dedicated himself to showing his game through videos. Thanks to all their professional experience, his fans can learn a lot about this more aggressive style of play with maneuvers to finish off opponents.


James “JGOD” Godoy

With JGOD, you can learn a much more structured play style where you can develop theories and understand the play style of the pros. With the help of JGOD, by analyzing the videos of professional players, you can know the advantages of different strategies or the best weapon to have.

Undoubtedly, JGOD is an excellent teacher to teach you great skills to use in your games.

Herschel “Dr. DisRespect” Beahm IV

We are talking about a streamer characterized by being a brutal and relentless competitor with his opponents. All Dr. DisRespect fans can enjoy the high kill streaks he gets per game and learn a bit of his strategy.

As we said before, it is important to see how the best players play; however, if you want to be one of them, you must practice a lot until you get it. Remember, practice makes perfect.