Ibai Suggests Stopping Velada 4 to Watch LoL if His Team Mad Lions KOI Makes it to Playoffs

Ibai Suggests Stopping Velada 4 to Watch LoL if His Team Mad Lions KOI Makes it to Playoffs

25. April 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Ibai Llanos, the popular Spanish content creator, has stirred up conversation on Twitter by proposing the idea of pausing Velada 4 to watch League of Legends if his team, Mad Lions KOI, reaches playoffs. With over 1000 comments pouring in within hours, the question remains: Would MDK actually halt such a major event for esports?

Ibai’s Unwavering Passion for Esports

While Ibai Llanos has various interests and hobbies, ranging from traditional football to music and online content creation, one thing stands out above all: his dedication to his team, KOI. Over the years, Ibai has demonstrated an unparalleled passion for esports, not only through his decade-long involvement as a commentator but also as the owner of a competitive team.

Regardless of whether it’s the Superliga, the LEC, the EMEA Masters, or the Worlds, if MAD Lions KOI or Movistar KOI are competing, you can count on Llanos to be there, broadcasting and watching every match—even venturing beyond the realms of European leagues to showcase matches from the LCK or LPL.

Given this premise, could Ibai Llanos halt his own flagship event, Velada 4, for MAD Lions KOI? While the idea may seem far-fetched, if anyone is capable of doing so without caring about the opinions of others, it’s Ibai.

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The Twitter Tease

Ibai floated this idea on Twitter, as the LEC summer split playoffs seem to overlap with Velada 4, and it’s possible that MDK may have a match on one of those days. The unfortunate coincidence would be if everything aligns perfectly.

Ibai took to the social media platform to inquire about the possibility of pausing an event where over 80,000 people will gather to watch LoL on a 3D screen—a concept that may appeal to many but could potentially displease the majority.

Realistic Expectations

Realistically, we don’t believe such a scenario would unfold, primarily because Velada 4 is already pressed for time; the Bernabéu stadium is rented for a limited duration, and exceeding the schedule could jeopardize the event, which is expected to last more than 8 or 9 hours.

However, rest assured that Ibai will be closely monitoring MDK if everything aligns, and he will undoubtedly be visibly nervous if the Spanish team is fighting for their chance to qualify for Worlds 2024.



Ibai Llanos’ contemplation of pausing Velada 4 for League of Legends playoffs reflects his profound dedication to esports and Mad Lions KOI. While the idea may seem far-fetched, it underscores the evolving intersection of traditional sports and gaming entertainment.

Regardless of whether Velada 4 halts for MDK, Ibai’s unwavering support resonates deeply within the esports community and beyond, showcasing the growing significance of digital competitions in today’s entertainment landscape.

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