MAD Lions KOI Bows Out of LEC Spring Split, MSI Dreams Dashed

MAD Lions KOI Bows Out of LEC Spring Split, MSI Dreams Dashed

8. April 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The recent defeat against Team Vitality marked the unannounced finale for MAD Lions KOI in the LEC Spring Split. The Spanish club concluded their spring season with a loss to Team Vitality in the playoffs.

With a 2-0 deficit in the lower bracket showdown, MAD Lions KOI bid farewell to the spring split of the LEC, along with their hopes of qualifying for the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI).

A Bittersweet Outcome

Following their defeat to Team Vitality, MAD Lions KOI wrapped up their spring journey in the LEC with a sixthplace finish. The fusion team led by Ibai Llanos endured a forgettable second season in the European League of Legends premier division.

Despite the high expectations set by their impressive performance in the winter split, MAD Lions KOI’s spring outing fell short of replicating their past success.

g2 vs mad lions koi la gran final de invierno imagen lec


From Second to Sixth

Comparing their remarkable performance in the winter split, MAD Lions KOI’s sixth-place finish in the spring split feels underwhelming. Their initial success in the LEC raised hopes for future achievements, but they faltered when given the chance to prove themselves again.

Javier “Elyoya” Prades and his teammates settled for a sixth-place finish in the spring split, a result that may be seen as a mixed blessing considering their inconsistent performance throughout the season.

Struggles in the Spring Split

MAD Lions KOI’s performance in the LEC spring split fell far below expectations, marked by inconsistency and a lack of cohesion.

While they showed glimpses of their potential, their overall performance was marred by frequent setbacks and a failure to maintain a consistent level of play. The sixthplace finish reflects their struggles to find their footing in the highly competitive LEC.

Farewell to MSI 2024

In a disappointing turn of events for MAD Lions KOI fans and supporters of the project, their elimination from the LEC spring split playoffs means they will miss out on their first international appearance at MSI 2024.

With their sixth-place finish in the spring split, MAD Lions KOI falls short of securing a spot at MSI, casting a shadow over their aspirations for future success.

Road to Worlds 2024

Despite their setback in missing out on MSI, MAD Lions KOI still has a chance to qualify for Worlds 2024. With their accumulated Championship Points from both the winter and spring splits, they currently rank third in the annual standings. However, their position may change depending on the performance of other teams in the upcoming LEC Season Finals.

LEC Championship Points

Looking Ahead

With the conclusion of the spring split playoffs and the absence of MSI, MAD Lions KOI will regroup and prepare for the summer split of the LEC. As they await the start of the next split, the team will focus on improving their performance and reclaiming their spot among Europe’s top teams.



MAD Lions KOI’s journey in the LEC spring split may have ended prematurely, but their quest for success is far from over. With their eyes set on Worlds 2024, they will continue to strive for greatness and work tirelessly to secure their place among the world’s elite teams.

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