Honor of Kings to Host Tournament for Esports World Cup

Honor of Kings to Host Tournament for Esports World Cup

20. February 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Level Infinite, the game developer behind Honor of Kings, a popular mobile MOBA, has announced an upcoming tournament with a staggering $3M prize pool for the Esports World Cup. In addition to the tournament, a collaboration will see the release of an exclusive in-game skin for players.

Tournament Details

The Honor of Kings Invitational Midseason will feature 12 teams vying for a share of the prize pool and the chance to qualify for the end-of-year International Championship. The tournament aims to showcase top-tier competitive gameplay and crown the best team in the mobile MOBA scene.

Honor of Kings Esports World Cup

Featured Teams

KPL Dream Team, a renowned Chinese Honor of Kings team comprising top players from the King Pro League, has been announced as the first invited team to the Invitational Midseason. More teams are expected to join the lineup, and the winner of the Invitational Midseason will secure a spot in the Invitational Championship.

Esports World Cup and Expansion Plans

The Esports World Cup, scheduled as an annual event, will take place in Saudi Arabia and feature competitions across various titles. Alongside Honor of Kings, tournaments for Starcraft 2 and Counter-Strike 2, among others, have been confirmed. Additionally, the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Mid-Season Cup will add to the diverse esports lineup.

Participation in the Esports World Cup aligns with Level Infinite and Tencent’s commitment to bolstering the Honor of Kings esports ecosystem in 2024. Significant improvements to the esports circuit and a $15M investment to expand the game’s global presence were announced earlier this year.

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Director Words

James Yang, Senior Director of the Level Infinite Global Esports Center at Tencent Games, expressed excitement about the opportunity to showcase Honor of Kings on the international stage. He emphasized the game’s status as the most-played mobile MOBA globally and reiterated the company’s dedication to mobile esports.



As the mobile gaming industry continues to thrive, events like the Esports World Cup and tournaments within specific titles like Honor of Kings serve as crucial platforms for showcasing competitive gaming talent and fostering community engagement.

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