Dota 2 Joins the Esteemed Ranks at the Esports World Cup in Riyadh

Dota 2 Joins the Esteemed Ranks at the Esports World Cup in Riyadh

6. February 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In a significant development for the esports community, Saudi Arabia’s prestigious Esports World Cup has officially included Dota 2 in its lineup of games. This addition marks a new chapter for the tournament, elevating it to an even grander scale.

Riyadh Masters: The New Battlefield for Dota 2’s Finest

The Riyadh Masters, a vital component of the competitive Dota 2 circuit within the ESL Pro Tour, will now double as the official Dota 2 tournament for the Esports World Cup. With two successful iterations in the past, the Riyadh Masters is renowned for its staggering $15 million prize pool last year. The 2024 edition promises to be an even more spectacular affair.

Riyadh Masters is coming to Esports World Cup 2024
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Qualification and EPT Points: The Road to Riyadh Masters

Qualifying for the Riyadh Masters is a journey through the ESL Pro Tour circuit, requiring teams to amass EPT Points. These points are awarded for top placements in prominent EPT tournaments like DreamLeague Season 22 and ESL One Birmingham.

The upcoming DreamLeague Season 23, despite being an online event, will play a crucial role as the final stop before the Riyadh Masters, offering the most EPT points.

Esports World Cup: A Global Esports Phenomenon

Formerly known as Gamers8, the Esports World Cup is an eight-week-long competition featuring a multitude of esports titles, including Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, StarCraft, and CS:GO.

Organized by the Esports World Cup Foundation, a non-profit established by the Saudi Arabian government, this event is part of the country’s ambitious plan to become a global gaming and esports hub.

The tournament pits top organizations and players from various esports disciplines against each other to determine the world’s best club or team. While the exact dates are yet to be announced, the tournament is expected to commence in July, promising an action-packed and thrilling experience for participants and fans alike.

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Saudi Arabia’s Esports World Cup Ushers in Dota 2 for a Grand Showdown

As the Esports World Cup expands its horizons with Dota 2, it not only enhances the tournament’s prestige but also offers a unique platform for teams to showcase their skills on a global stage. This inclusion is a testament to the growing significance of esports and its impact on the international sporting arena.