Genshin Impact: All About Emilie, the New Character Coming in Version 4.8

Genshin Impact: All About Emilie, the New Character Coming in Version 4.8

4. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Emilie is set to join the roster of Genshin Impact in version 4.8 as the final character from Fontaine before the release of the new region, Natlan. Here’s everything we know so far about this exciting new addition.

Emilie Arrives in Version 4.8


Emilie is a highly anticipated 5-star character making her debut in Genshin Impact’s version 4.8. As the last character from Fontaine before the advent of Natlan, players have high expectations for her abilities and gameplay impact.

Key Details:

  • Role: DPS
  • Weapon: Polearm
  • Elemental Reaction: Burning

Emilie’s Abilities and Weapon

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Promotional Weapon:

Emilie’s promotional weapon grants a 15% attack bonus and two accumulations, with each accumulation providing a 10% additional damage. Accumulations are earned by triggering the burning reaction. Her passive talent boosts Burning Damage by 30% and reduces damage taken from Burning by 95%.

Elemental Skill and Burst:

Emilie specializes in off-field DPS, making her ideal for strategic elemental reactions. Her abilities focus on the burning reaction, providing substantial damage output while maintaining survivability.


Character Design and Community Reaction:

While Emilie’s abilities and role have excited many players, there has been some controversy regarding her design. Early concept art leaks had set certain expectations, and the final design differs significantly, leading to mixed reactions from the community.

Release Timeline

Version 4.7 of Genshin Impact is about to launch, and Emilie’s arrival in version 4.8 is expected roughly a month and a half later. This timeline gives players ample opportunity to prepare for her debut.

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Release Phases:

  1. Version 4.7 Launch: In two days
  2. Emilie’s Arrival: Version 4.8 (approximately a month and a half after 4.7)
  3. Natlan’s Launch: Following Emilie’s release


Emilie’s arrival in Genshin Impact version 4.8 marks an exciting addition to the game, bridging the transition from Fontaine to Natlan. Despite some design controversies, her gameplay potential as an off-field DPS focusing on the burning reaction has many players eager to see her in action.

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