Emilie in Genshin Impact: Leaks and Everything We Know

Emilie in Genshin Impact: Leaks and Everything We Know

29. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

As Genshin Impact’s Fontaine patch cycle nears its end, anticipation is high for the release of Emilie, a highly anticipated character. While details about her are scarce, leaks have provided some insight into what players can expect. Let’s delve into everything we know about Emilie so far.

Release Date Speculations

Emilie’s release date in Genshin Impact remains uncertain at this time. However, rumors suggest that she may debut in the upcoming 4.8 update, which marks the conclusion of the Fontaine patch cycle. If these speculations hold true, players can expect Emilie to arrive by late July as part of the six-week cycle.

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Who is Emilie?

Emilie is a renowned perfumer hailing from Fontaine. Known for her exquisite fragrances, she is a close friend of Chevreuse and played a pivotal role in solving the mystery during the Roses and Muskets event.

Her products are highly sought after throughout Fontaine, earning her widespread acclaim from characters such as Charlotte, Lyney, Lynette, Chevreuse, Chiori, and Wriothesley.

Emilie’s Weapon and Vision

Leaked information suggests that Emilie may wield either a Catalyst or a Polearm and possess a Dendro Vision in Genshin Impact. As a sub-DPS unit, she is expected to excel in applying Dendro status effects and dealing significant damage. Players can anticipate Emilie to play a crucial role in Dendro application both on and off the battlefield.

Possible Émilie design via Videre
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Design of Emilie

While the exact design of Emilie remains undisclosed, leaked concept arts provide some insight into her potential appearance. Early leaks depict Emilie as a tall and mature woman, while others suggest a shorter stature with more youthful features. The latest leak leans towards the latter:

Please note that all information is based on early leaks, aside from Emilie’s mentions within the game itself.


Final Toughts

Stay tuned for further updates on Emilie’s release in Genshin Impact. As more information becomes available, players can expect additional insights into her abilities, gameplay mechanics, and overall role within the game. Prepare to embark on new adventures with Emilie and explore the diverse world of Teyvat like never before.

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