The King of Riot Games? Gen.G Dominates Riot Esports Internationally

The King of Riot Games? Gen.G Dominates Riot Esports Internationally

11. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Gen.G, the Korean powerhouse, has established itself as the leading esports organization globally by achieving the extraordinary feat of winning international tournaments in both VALORANT and League of Legends within the same year. This accomplishment solidifies their position as the top team in these titles for 2024.

Gen.G’s Triumph in League of Legends

Nearly a month ago, Gen.G broke their long-standing curse in international League of Legends tournaments by claiming victory at the MSI 2024. This victory reaffirms their status as the best team in the world.

Despite dominating the LCK for several splits, exerting their dominance over T1, Gen.G had not secured an international trophy since their days as Samsung. Finally, they achieved this milestone in China, becoming the only team with a shot at the Grand Slam in 2024.


VALORANT Victory in Shanghai

In a remarkable turn of events, Gen.G also conquered the second Masters of VALORANT 2024 held in Shanghai. They faced Team Heretics in a thrilling final, coming back from a 2-1 deficit to secure the championship with an outstanding performance from t3xture.

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Historic Feat in Riot Games Esports

Winning international titles in both League of Legends and VALORANT in the same year is a historic achievement that sets Gen.G apart from other organizations. While FunPlus Phoenix has also won international titles in both games, they did not achieve this feat within the same year, making Gen.G’s accomplishment truly unique.

Key Highlights

  • Dual International Titles: First team to achieve this in the same year.
  • Comparison with FunPlus Phoenix: FPX’s similar success but not in the same year.

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Pioneering Success in VALORANT for South Korea

Gen.G’s victory in Shanghai also marks the first time a South Korean organization has won a Masters of VALORANT, suggesting that South Korea could potentially dominate the VALORANT scene just as it does in League of Legends.

Future Prospects: Worlds 2024 and VALORANT Champions 2024

Looking ahead, Gen.G is a favorite to win the Worlds 2024 and the VALORANT Champions 2024. With their current form and momentum, there’s a lot more black and gold glory to anticipate.

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Final Toughts

Gen.G fans have much to look forward to as their team continues to perform at the highest level across multiple titles. Staying updated with tournament schedules and supporting the team during these crucial matches will be essential.

As Gen.G aims for further dominance in 2024, fans should prepare for more thrilling victories and historic moments.

VALORANT Masters Shanghai: Gen.G Triumphs Over Team Heretics in an Epic Final