VALORANT Masters Shanghai: Gen.G Triumphs Over Team Heretics in an Epic Final

VALORANT Masters Shanghai: Gen.G Triumphs Over Team Heretics in an Epic Final

10. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In a historic victory for the PAC region, Gen.G has clinched the title at the VALORANT Masters Shanghai, defeating Team Heretics in a thrilling 3-2 final. This monumental win marks the first Masters title for the PAC region, solidifying Gen.G’s place in VALORANT history.

A Journey to the Finals

The road to the finals was paved with intense matches and fierce competition. Team Heretics battled their way through the Play-In stage, demonstrating resilience and skill to reach the final showdown. Meanwhile, Gen.G showcased their prowess throughout the playoffs, consistently proving themselves as formidable contenders.


Match Breakdown: Gen.G vs. Team Heretics

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Breeze: Gen.G Dominates

The first map, Breeze, set the tone for an aggressive and strategic battle. Meteor, playing Yoru, led Gen.G with exceptional plays, securing a dominant 10-2 lead in the first half. The PAC team maintained their momentum in the second half, closing the map decisively and setting the stage for a thrilling series.

Icebox: Team Heretics Strikes Back

Moving to Icebox, the dynamics shifted as T3xture took charge for Gen.G, giving them a 7-5 lead. However, Riens from Team Heretics turned the tables in the second half, leading a strong defensive effort to clinch the map with a 13-9 victory, tying the series 1-1.

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Ascent: A Balanced Battle

The third map, Ascent, saw both teams locked in a tight contest. The first half ended evenly at 6-6, but Wo0t of Team Heretics made critical plays in the second half, pushing their team ahead and finishing the map 13-9.

Lotus: Gen.G’s Resurgence

On the fourth map, Lotus, Gen.G regained control. T3xture once again proved instrumental, helping secure a 9-3 lead. Gen.G’s solid attack strategy in the second half sealed the deal with a 13-4 victory, bringing the series to a decisive final map.


Split: The Decider

The final map, Split, was a testament to Gen.G’s dominance. They executed a flawless attack strategy, spearheaded by T3xture, resulting in a commanding 9-3 lead. Switching sides, Gen.G maintained their momentum, swiftly concluding the map with a 13-3 win, and thus, the series.

Key Highlights

  • Meteor’s Aggression on Breeze: His Yoru plays were pivotal in establishing an early lead for Gen.G.
  • Riens’ Defense on Icebox: Turned the tide for Team Heretics, showcasing their resilience.
  • Wo0t’s Clutch Performances on Ascent: Critical in pushing Team Heretics ahead.
  • T3xture’s Consistency on Lotus and Split: Key to Gen.G’s ultimate victory.

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Historical Significance

This victory is particularly significant as it represents the first Masters title for a team from the PAC region. Gen.G’s triumph not only earns them international recognition but also valuable points towards qualifying for Champions, where the world’s best teams compete for ultimate glory.


The VALORANT Masters Shanghai has set a new standard for competitive play, highlighting the rising talent from the PAC region. Gen.G’s victory is a testament to their skill, strategy, and perseverance. As they set their sights on the upcoming Champions, the entire VALORANT community eagerly anticipates their future performances.

Stay tuned for more updates and prepare to witness the continuous evolution of VALORANT esports. The journey has only just begun for Gen.G, and their triumph in Shanghai is a prelude to what promises to be an exciting road ahead.

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