Guinness Record: The Rarest and Most Expensive Pokemon Card is Valued at 5 Million Dollars

Guinness Record: The Rarest and Most Expensive Pokemon Card is Valued at 5 Million Dollars

28. April 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In the realm of collectibles, the Pokémon trading card game (TCG) has surged in popularity, with certain cards fetching astronomical sums. One such card, valued at a staggering $5 million, has secured its place in history as the most expensive and rare Pokémon card ever recorded.

The Unveiling of a Record-Breaking Treasure

Recently, the proud owner of this prized possession posed beside the official Guinness World Records certification, marking their acquisition of the card one year ago. Notably, this owner is a prominent figure within the YouTube community.

A Nostalgic Phenomenon: Pokémon Cards and Their Evolution

In the late ‘90s, Pokémon cards emerged as a perfect complement to the wildly successful video games, which remain some of the highest-grossing games globally. Over the years, the purpose of Pokémon cards has evolved, transitioning from gameplay essentials for the TCG to becoming icons of unboxing and collecting on YouTube.


YouTube’s Pokémon Card Frenzy

Remember when Rubius landed a €30,000 Charizard? Or the sheer excitement from Folagor during his unboxing frenzy? These are just glimpses of the Pokémon card fever sweeping across YouTube. One of the most recent additions to this trend was none other than Logan Paul.

Logan Paul’s Record-Breaking Purchase

The well-known American YouTuber and boxer made waves by acquiring a Pokémon card valued at $5 million, claiming the title of the world’s most expensive card at that time.

Securing the Guinness World Record

Not only is this card the priciest, but it also holds the prestigious title of the rarest and most valuable Pokémon card in history, a feat celebrated with fans worldwide through an iconic snapshot.

The Unfathomable Value of a Pokémon Card

It may seem astonishing that a simple card could surpass the value of an entire neighborhood, but such is the reality in the realm of collectibles. The card’s exorbitant worth is attributed to its esteemed status within the collector’s community, stemming from its extreme rarity.

The Intriguing Origin Story

Why is this card so prized? Dating back to 1998, it was initially distributed by CoroCoro magazine as a prize for an art competition. The fortunate owner, now a millionaire, parted ways with this “cartontico” (card) for a jaw-dropping $5 million to Logan Paul. Truly extraordinary, isn’t it?