G2, FaZe, and NAVI Secure Playoff Spots in Major by a Hair’s Breadth

G2, FaZe, and NAVI Secure Playoff Spots in Major by a Hair’s Breadth

25. March 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The Copenhagen Major advances, putting some of the greatest clubs in history on edge. The Elimination Stage of the tournament concluded over the weekend, paving the way for the eight teams qualified for the playoffs, set to kick off on Thursday, March 28.

Team Spirit and MOUZ emerged as top contenders, securing two 3-0 victories each, while the phase also witnessed surprises and controversies.

Team Spirit and MOUZ Dominate

donk Spirit PGL Major Copenhagen 2024

Team Spirit and MOUZ have advanced to the quarterfinals of the Major with three solid wins. The Russian squad defeated Cloud9 (13-7), Imperial Esports (13-2), and ultimately triumphed over Natus Vincere by 2-1 to secure their spot.

Similarly, the German organization achieved the same feat against ECSTATIC and Eternal Fire with identical scores (13-11), followed by a convincing 2-0 victory over Complexity.

Key Highlights:

  • Team Spirit secures quarterfinal spot with three dominant victories.
  • MOUZ displays exceptional performance, winning all matches in the Elimination Stage.

Eternal Fire and Cloud9’s Surprising Success

major cs 2 4

Eternal Fire and Cloud9 surprised many by clinching playoff berths with a record of three wins and one loss each. The Turkish team, Eternal Fire, showcased remarkable skill, defeating Team Vitality (10-13), FaZe Clan (13-1), and Virtus.pro (2-1). On the other hand, Cloud9 secured victories against ECSTATIC (13-3), G2 Esports (9-13), and Natus Vincere.

Key Highlights:

  • Eternal Fire secures playoff spot with impressive victories.
  • Cloud9 surprises with strong performance, securing playoff berth.

Controversy Strikes: Virtus.pro’s Technical Issue

n0rb3r7 virtus.pro iemkatowice24

The final round of the Major’s Elimination Stage was marred by a technical issue affecting Virtus.pro’s in-game leader, Dzhami “Jame” Ali. When Virtus.pro and G2 Esports were tied 11-11 on Inferno, Jame experienced a client crash, hindering his ability to play normally. This incident led to G2’s victory by 11-13, resulting in a tied series.

Key Highlights:

  • Virtus.pro’s Jame experiences technical issue, sparking controversy.
  • G2 Esports benefits from technical mishap, secures playoff spot.


The Copenhagen Major concludes its Elimination Stage with intense matches and unexpected outcomes. As the playoffs approach, teams prepare to battle it out for the championship title. Stay tuned for thrilling matchups and exciting gameplay in the upcoming quarterfinals.


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