EliGE Leads Complexity and NA to Playoffs at Copenhagen Major

EliGE Leads Complexity and NA to Playoffs at Copenhagen Major

22. March 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski, North America’s iconic Counter-Strike talent, delivered yet another stellar performance, this time against Heroic, positioning NA on the verge of securing a spot in the playoffs at the inaugural CS2 Major.

Dominant Display

In his debut Major appearance with Complexity, EliGE emerged as the linchpin of the NA lineup, showcasing his prowess in a defining map performance during the second round of the PGL Copenhagen 2024 Elimination Stage against Heroic.

On Vertigo, EliGE exhibited a staggering +17 kill/death differential, matching his best individual performance since joining Complexity, and spearheading the team to victory after two intense overtimes.

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Impactful Contributions

EliGE’s influence extended beyond mere statistics, as the Complexity star orchestrated several pivotal plays to secure crucial rounds for his team. Notably, his blind spray that eliminated three Heroic players charging up A Ramp in overtime left spectators in awe of his skill and game sense.

EliGE’s exceptional performance compensated for the challenges faced by teammate floppy, who candidly acknowledged his reliance on EliGE’s carry.

Playoff Aspirations

With this triumph, Complexity finds itself on the brink of playoff qualification, offering the NA roster three consecutive opportunities to secure a best-of-three victory and advance to the next stage.

North American teams have encountered difficulties in Major tournaments in recent times, with Team Liquid being the sole representative to reach the playoffs since the resumption of Majors post-COVID at BLAST Paris 2023. However, the Americas region has secured additional slots for the upcoming Major.

Milestone Achievement

For Complexity, this Major marks a significant milestone as it marks their return to the highest echelons of Counter-Strike competition since before the COVID era.

The organization’s last Major appearance dates back to the StarLadder Berlin Major in 2019, where they faced an early exit. Notably, Complexity celebrated their victory over Heroic by donning throwback jerseys reminiscent of their past successes.



As Complexity and EliGE continue their quest for success at the Copenhagen Major, their exceptional performance serves as a testament to the potential resurgence of North American Counter-Strike on the international stage. With momentum on their side, Complexity aims to capitalize on this opportunity and make a lasting impact in the playoffs.

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