Fortnite ESL Teams Confirmed for Esports World Cup: DreamHack Dallas Lineup Revealed!

Fortnite ESL Teams Confirmed for Esports World Cup: DreamHack Dallas Lineup Revealed!

30. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Fortnite enthusiasts worldwide are gearing up for the first Esports World Cup (EWC) Qualifier, set to take place at DreamHack Dallas 2024 this weekend.

With an opportunity to secure a spot at the prestigious $750,000 EWC in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, this summer, the competition is reaching new heights. Let’s explore the format and take a look at every confirmed team ahead of this thrilling event!

Understanding ESL Fortnite

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ESL Fortnite has ushered in a new era, replacing traditional DreamHack Fortnite competitions with a focus on Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN). Unlike the typical Battle Royale or Zero Build tournaments, ESL Fortnite features teams of four competing head-to-head in custom game modes like Hardpoint and Capture The Flag.

While preliminary matches are mostly best-of-three, the Grand Finals at DreamHack Dallas 2024 will be best-of-five, with squads battling through a seeding format before transitioning to a double-elimination bracket.

The format for the Esports World Cup 2024 remains unclear, but enthusiasts eagerly anticipate further details.


Confirmed Teams

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Numerous esports organizations have joined forces with ESL to assemble formidable rosters for the upcoming Fortnite Esports World Cup. These teams are primed to showcase their skills and compete for glory on the global stage. Here’s a list of confirmed esports organization-based teams set to make their mark in ESL Fortnite:

  • Team Heretics: Nebs, Vortexers, Krizzii, ?
  • XSET: Muz, Ritual, Edgey, Trashy
  • Falcons: TaySon, t3eny, Chic0, Japko
  • Karmine Corp: Malibuca, Merstach, SwizzY, Veno
  • BIG: Fray, Kiduoo, Trexer, Cheatiin
  • PWR: Looter, Volx, Alex, Worthy
  • T1: Michael, Zerokun, Sinooh, Saki
  • NIP: Refsgaard, QB, Axeforce, Pixie
  • TwisMinds: Queasy, zAndy, Pinq, Dela
  • Dignitas: Khanada, Acorn, ?, ?
  • FNATIC: CizLucky, DeRoller, Okis, Xccept
  • Agent: ?, ?, ?, ?
  • Gaimin Gladiators: ?, ?, ?, ?
  • Houston Outlaws: ?, ?, ?, ?
  • Manchester City: ?, ?, ?, ?
  • LOUD: ?, ?, ?, ?
  • Zeta Division: Zagou, Yuma, Koyota, Minipiyo

As more organizations finalize their ESL Fortnite teams, we anticipate filling in the missing rosters. Stay tuned for updates in the coming days!


Final Toughts

Prepare yourself for an exhilarating display of skill and strategy as the world’s top Fortnite teams converge at DreamHack Dallas 2024 for the Esports World Cup qualifiers. Follow the action closely to witness the next chapter in Fortnite esports history!

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