Fortnite Season 3: Competitive Tournaments with Major Prize Pools on the Horizon

Fortnite Season 3: Competitive Tournaments with Major Prize Pools on the Horizon

27. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Fortnite Chapter 5 – Season 3 introduces significant changes and new opportunities for competitive players. The v.30.00 update brings a host of new competitions, including FNCS Major 3 2024, Ranked Mode Cups, new Open Cups, and Cash Cups offering real money prizes.

Ranked Mode and Tournaments

With the launch of Chapter 5 – Season 3, the Ranked Mode is now crucial for players looking to participate in tournaments organized by Epic Games. The qualification requirements vary depending on the tournament:

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Qualification Requirements:

  • FNCS Major 3: Achieve Platinum I in the Ranked Battle Royale mode.
  • Ranked Mode Cups: Requirements based on current ranking.
  • Open Cups: No ranking requirements.
  • Cash Cups: Achieve Gold I in Ranked Battle Royale or Zero Build mode.
  • Console Duo Cash Cups: Achieve Platinum I in Ranked Battle Royale.
  • PlayStation Cups: Achieve Bronze I in Ranked Battle Royale or Zero Build mode.

Ranking Reset

All player rankings have been reset with the new season. To see their new ranking, players must play one match in Battle Royale and one in Zero Build mode.

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Featured Tournaments

FNCS Major 3 2024

The FNCS Major 3 open qualifiers will run from June 14 to July 28. Winners from Major 2 have already secured their spots in the FNCS Global Championship 2024. Further details will be shared on Fortnite Competitive’s social media channels.

Ranked Mode Cups

These cups allow players to compete solo, duo, or squad against others of the same rank. The dates for solo, duo, and squad cups will vary throughout the season.

Open Cups

A new type of tournament without ranking requirements, designed to help players improve their skills and prepare for more competitive tournaments.

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Cash Cups (Real Money Prizes)

These cups offer cash prizes and are available in duo format for Battle Royale and Zero Build. The top teams advance to the final round to compete for the prize money.

Cash Victory Cups

Offer prizes for each victory obtained in round 2, available for solo and squad formats.

Console Cash Cups

Exclusive to console players, with cash prizes awarded after advancing to the final round.

PlayStation Cups

Two solo cups, one in Zero Build and one in Battle Royale, with cumulative prizes totaling $250,100.

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Fortnite Chapter 5 – Season 3 provides a wide range of competitions for players of all levels, with new opportunities to win prizes and showcase their skills in the arena. Whether you’re aiming for the FNCS Major 3 or looking to compete in the various Cash Cups, this season promises exciting challenges and significant rewards for the best players.