Fortnite Crew June 2024: Unlock Jing and Explore Exclusive Rewards

Fortnite Crew June 2024: Unlock Jing and Explore Exclusive Rewards

29. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Epic Games has unveiled the latest addition to the Fortnite Crew lineup, introducing an original character named Jing. As June 2024 approaches, players can look forward to this unique samurai warrior joining the Fortnite universe.

This article provides everything you need to know about unlocking Jing and the exclusive rewards available with the Fortnite Crew subscription.

Introducing Jing: The Samurai Warrior

June 2024’s Fortnite Crew pack features Jing, a samurai warrior who stands out with a design reminiscent of Ghost of Tsushima. Jing’s inclusion in the Fortnite Crew is a testament to Epic Games’ commitment to offering unique and diverse characters. Subscribers can access this exclusive skin by joining the Fortnite Crew service from May 31 through the end of June.

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What’s Included in the Fortnite Crew June 2024 Pack?

The Fortnite Crew June 2024 pack, available starting May 31, includes several exciting items:

  • Jing Outfit: Featuring a distinctive LEGO-inspired style.
  • Battle Ruan Back Bling: Complementing Jing’s samurai aesthetic.
  • Blade Aria Pickaxe: A perfect match for the Jing outfit.
  • Chapter 5 Season 3 Battle Pass: Gain access to the latest seasonal content.
  • Rocket League Rewards: Additional perks for Rocket League enthusiasts.
  • 1,000 V-Bucks: Spend in the Fortnite Item Shop on various cosmetics and items.

Understanding Fortnite Crew

Fortnite Crew is a monthly subscription service launched in late 2020, offering members exclusive cosmetic items, V-Bucks, and the seasonal Battle Pass. Each month’s Crew Pack is unique, ensuring that the items remain exclusive to subscribers and do not reappear in the Item Shop.

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Benefits of Joining Fortnite Crew

  • Exclusive Skins: Access to unique outfits and accessories not available elsewhere.
  • Seasonal Battle Pass: Automatically receive the latest Battle Pass with your subscription.
  • 1,000 V-Bucks Monthly: Spend on your favorite in-game items.
  • Additional Perks: Occasionally receive bonuses for other Epic Games titles like Rocket League.

How to Subscribe to Fortnite Crew

Joining Fortnite Crew is straightforward. For $11.99 per month, you can subscribe directly through the Fortnite game menu. The subscription is flexible, allowing you to cancel anytime without any long-term commitment.

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Double Benefits for Early Subscribers

Players who subscribe to Fortnite Crew before June 1 can receive both the Spirit Hunter Saeko skin and the new Jing skin for the price of one. This limited-time offer provides excellent value for dedicated Fortnite fans.


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to unlock Jing and explore the exclusive rewards available in the Fortnite Crew June 2024 pack. With unique cosmetics, V-Bucks, and the latest Battle Pass, this month’s offering is a must-have for Fortnite enthusiasts. Subscribe before the end of May to maximize your benefits and enjoy the best that Fortnite Crew has to offer.

Prepare to battle in style with Jing and make the most of your Fortnite experience this June!

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