LEC: Fnatic Secures Top Spot After Defeating SK Gaming in Week Two Showdown

LEC: Fnatic Secures Top Spot After Defeating SK Gaming in Week Two Showdown

17. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Fnatic triumphs over SK Gaming to lead the LEC standings with an unbeaten 5-0 record.

The LEC Heats Up

Europe’s premier League of Legends competition, the LEC, continues to thrill fans with its Regular Season matches. This Sunday, Fnatic emerged victorious against SK Gaming, claiming the top position in the LEC standings. With five consecutive wins, Fnatic stands as the only undefeated team in the league.


The Season So Far

Following Gen.G’s triumph at the Mid-Season Invitational, teams quickly shifted their focus to regional leagues, with the LEC being a focal point. The third Split of the year has commenced, setting the stage for the Season Finals qualifiers. Fnatic, SK, and BDS had strong starts, but this weekend’s showdown between Fnatic and SK was crucial in determining the current leader.

Fnatic vs. SK Gaming: The Showdown

In the much-anticipated match, Fnatic faced SK Gaming with the lead on the line. SK Gaming started strong, but Fnatic, known for their resilience, gradually balanced the game. The pivotal moment came when Razork executed a flawless Baron Nashor steal, turning the tide in Fnatic’s favor.

This decisive play allowed Fnatic to secure the win in 37 minutes. Additionally, BDS defeated KCorp in another key match, positioning themselves as one of the main contenders alongside SK with a 4-1 record.


Fnatic Vibes this split.

Key Highlights

  • Fnatic’s Resilience: Despite a strong start from SK, Fnatic’s strategic play and Razork’s critical Baron Nashor steal were game-changers.
  • BDS on the Rise: BDS’s victory over KCorp positions them as serious challengers, tied with SK at 4-1.
  • G2 Esports’ Comeback: After a rocky start, G2 Esports bounced back with wins against Rogue and GIANTX, solidifying their spot in the standings.

Looking Ahead

Fnatic’s impressive form positions them as the team to beat in the LEC. Their unbeaten streak is a testament to their strategic prowess and individual skill. Meanwhile, G2 Esports’ recent victories indicate a potential resurgence, making the upcoming matches even more exciting. Week 3 of the LEC promises more thrilling action and can be watched live on LoL Esports.



Fnatic’s dominance in the LEC is clear, but maintaining their unbeaten streak will require continued excellence. Fans should keep an eye on their strategic plays and key players, as well as the performance of other top contenders like SK Gaming and BDS.

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