Fnatic Misses VCT Madrid After Shocking Defeat to Karmine Corp

Fnatic Misses VCT Madrid After Shocking Defeat to Karmine Corp

1. March 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Fnatic, a dominant force in the European VALORANT scene, faced an unexpected setback during the 2024 VCT EMEA Kickoff event. Despite their star-studded roster, Fnatic suffered a surprising sweep at the hands of popular French esports team Karmine Corp.

This unexpected defeat has dashed Fnatic’s hopes of participating in the first international VALORANT tournament of the year, VCT Masters Madrid.

Unexpected Defeat Against Karmine Corp

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Challenges Faced by Fnatic

  • Despite boasting the same superstar-laden roster from the previous year, Fnatic struggled to find their footing against Karmine Corp.
  • Karmine Corp’s strategic gameplay and dominance in crucial rounds prevented Fnatic from gaining momentum throughout the series.

Key Players and Performances

  • Martin “marteen” Pátek’s standout performance, with a collective 44 kills over two maps and a remarkable 30 percent headshot rate on map two, propelled Karmine Corp to victory.
  • Fnatic’s lack of team synergy and strategy against Karmine Corp’s aggressive gameplay led to their downfall.

Ramifications of the Defeat


Missed Opportunity for Fnatic

  • This unexpected defeat marks the first international tournament that Fnatic has missed in three years, dating back to their failure to qualify for VCT Masters Berlin in 2021.
  • After establishing themselves as one of the top teams in the global VALORANT scene, Fnatic’s absence from VCT Masters Madrid comes as a shocking conclusion to their recent successes.

European Hopes Rest on Karmine Corp and Team Heretics

  • With Fnatic out of the running, Europe’s aspirations for an international VALORANT trophy now lie with teams like Karmine Corp and Team Heretics, who have also showcased impressive performances in the tournament.


As Fnatic reflects on their unexpected defeat, they must regroup and refocus for future competitions. Meanwhile, the esports community eagerly anticipates the upcoming matches as the rest of the world concludes their Kickoff tournaments over the next several days.

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