Why Faker Chose Ahri for the Hall of Fame Skin

Why Faker Chose Ahri for the Hall of Fame Skin

12. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Fans of competitive League of Legends are curious why Faker, considered the best player in history, chose Ahri over iconic champions like Ryze or Azir for his Hall of Fame skin. The decision may seem straightforward, but the reasoning behind it reflects Faker’s personal choice and a strategic move by Riot Games to honor esports legends.

After over 13 years in professional League of Legends and numerous seasons watching the world’s best players, Riot Games is finally commemorating those who have shaped the esports landscape of their successful MOBA.

Faker’s Unparalleled Legacy

Faker, known as the “Unkillable Demon King,” will receive an exclusive skin dedicated to his remarkable career, which includes over a dozen titles and 4 World Championships—unmatched achievements in the history of League of Legends.

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Surprising Choice: Ahri

Leaked information confirms that Faker’s Hall of Fame skin will feature Ahri, a surprising choice for many long-time fans. When thinking of Faker, champions like Ryze, LeBlanc, Azir, or Zed often come to mind.

Reasons Behind Ahri Selection

Several factors shed light on why Faker opted for Ahri. Firstly, Ahri, the ninetailed fox, has been one of Faker’s favorite champions since the beginning of his competitive journey. However, the abundance of existing Ahri skins initially deterred Faker from choosing her. The skin revealed for the Hall of Fame promises to be unique—a never-before-seen ultimate version akin to those of Ezreal or Lux.

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Why Not Ryze, Azir, or Zed?

The decision to bypass champions like Ryze, Azir, or Zed is straightforward—they already have T1 skins. Given T1‘s four World Championships, these champions have been honored with team skins, although Azir’s skin is attributed to Faker’s former teammate Easyhoon during Season 5.

Exciting Possibilities with Ahri

A compelling reason for selecting Ahri involves potential collaborations with Riot Games. Ahri will be a playable character in the fighting game 2XKO, raising the possibility of a Faker crossover in the game featuring his unique Ahri skin.


Conclusion: Faker’s Signature Choice

Faker’s decision to choose Ahri for his Hall of Fame skin reflects his personal affinity for the champion and opens up exciting opportunities for in-game crossovers. This choice signifies a pivotal moment in esports history, showcasing Faker’s enduring legacy and Riot Games’ innovative approach to honoring legends.