Evil Geniuses Reverts to Original Logo for 25th Anniversary

Evil Geniuses Reverts to Original Logo for 25th Anniversary

21. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In a move that has thrilled fans and industry insiders alike, Evil Geniuses (EG) is bringing back its iconic original logo to celebrate its 25th anniversary. This decision, announced ahead of a new merchandise drop, signifies a nod to the organization’s storied past while looking towards a promising future.

Why the Change? Insights from the CEO

Chris DeAppolonio, CEO of Evil Geniuses, expressed that the return to the original logo is a significant and overdue change. He stated, “The original logo embodies the spirit and history of our organization. It’s a symbol of our roots and our future aspirations.

DeAppolonio also highlighted the challenges and triumphs of EG over the years, emphasizing a renewed commitment to excellence and community engagement. “While we’ve faced our share of difficulties, our focus now is on rebuilding trust and setting the stage for the next 25 years,he said.


The Road to Restoration: Rebuilding Trust

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Addressing Past Controversies

EG’s recent history has been marred by controversies, particularly concerning player welfare. Earlier this year, the organization faced criticism for not adequately supporting League of Legends player Kyle “Danny” Sakamaki during his mental health struggles. This incident underscored the need for better player support systems within the organization.

Financial Adjustments Post-Championship

Following their victory at the VALORANT Champions 2023, EG encountered financial challenges, struggling to maintain the same pay rates for its championship roster into 2024. This led to significant changes in the team’s composition and raised questions about the organization’s financial management.

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Organizational Restructuring

In addition to financial hurdles, EG has been working on improving internal operations. Reports of extreme working conditions and a wave of layoffs have prompted the organization to focus on creating a healthier work environment and better employee support structures.

Focused Future: VALORANT at the Forefront

As part of its strategic realignment, EG is now concentrating its competitive efforts on VALORANT. This shift comes as the organization scales back its presence in other major esports titles like League of Legends, Dota 2, and Counter-Strike.

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Celebrating with New Merchandise

To mark the return of the original logo, EG is launching a new line of merchandise. This collection aims to celebrate the organization’s legacy while offering fans a tangible connection to EG’s rich history. The merchandise drop is eagerly anticipated and is expected to resonate strongly with the EG community.

Vision for the Future

DeAppolonio’s vision for EG’s future is one of growth, community engagement, and excellence. “We are committed to learning from our past, improving our operations, and fostering a stronger connection with our fans and the broader esports community,” he noted.

Strategic Goals

EG’s strategic goals include enhancing player support, improving financial stability, and focusing on competitive success in VALORANT. These efforts are geared towards ensuring that the next 25 years of EG are marked by innovation, resilience, and triumph.

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Evil Geniuses’ decision to revert to its original logo is more than just a branding change—it’s a symbol of the organization’s commitment to its roots and its future. With a focus on rebuilding trust, enhancing player and employee support, and achieving competitive success, EG is poised to make the next 25 years even more impactful.