The Future of the ESLAND Awards: Are They Worth It?

The Future of the ESLAND Awards: Are They Worth It?

5. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

The streaming landscape is at a crossroads. The renowned ESLAND Awards gala, organized by TheGrefg, has been a source of controversy this year, especially after the withdrawal of prominent figures from the community. But what do the main stakeholders truly think? Should these awards continue?

A Controversial History

It all began at the gala held in Mexico, in January. The voting system came under heavy criticism, mainly due to the unusual weight given to the community and the selection of the jury. Renowned figures such as Auronplay and Ibai voiced their dissatisfaction, sparking debates that extended among their respective communities.

The Current Landscape

Looking towards the next edition, big names like Auron and Ibai have already expressed their intention not to participate, whether as nominees, jurors, or even attendees.

Suja at the press conference for the latest edition of the awards

Suja at the press conference for the latest edition of the awards

Voices in the Debate

Suja, who was nominated and hosted the previous gala, stated: “Despite the circumstances and questionable criteria of past editions, the ESLAND awards remain a benchmark. I believe in the importance of uniting the community, and it’s a shame to see big names pulling out. But I also understand the toxicity that can arise.”

On the other hand, Jordi Wild, winner of the best podcast category in past editions, commented: “Awards should be a celebration, but last year it wasn’t. If big names decide not to participate, does it make sense to continue?”

Jony, from the “Living on the Street” channel, said that many creators view the awards as something that doesn’t positively contribute to their careers. Even Ibai previously stated he’s not interested in the awards.

An Uncertain Future?

Given this scenario, the community is on tenterhooks, waiting for TheGrefg and his team’s decision on the future of the ESLAND Awards. One thing is for sure: this year’s edition has raised more questions than answers, leaving the door open to multiple possibilities.

The streamers’ decision

For the ESLAND Awards to have a promising future, it’s essential to consider and address the community’s concerns. Transparency in jury selection and the voting system, along with respect for individual streamers’ decisions, are key to the success of future editions.