Eminem Returns to Fortnite with New “Houdini” Emote

Eminem Returns to Fortnite with New “Houdini” Emote

26. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

After nearly 30 days of absence, the Eminem Fortnite skin has made a comeback in the Item Shop. Alongside the Eminem skins and cosmetics, Epic Games has introduced a new Emote themed around the artist’s latest hit, “Houdini.” Here’s everything you need to know about this exciting addition to Fortnite.

How to Get the Houdini Emote in Fortnite

The Houdini Emote is Eminem’s second Emote in Fortnite, following the popular “Real Slim Shady” Emote. To unlock it, simply launch Fortnite and navigate to the Item Shop. The Houdini Emote will be prominently displayed, available for purchase at 500 V-Bucks. It’s an effortless addition to your Emote collection.

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Background of the Houdini Emote

Eminem recently released his new single, “Houdini,” on May 31, which has already garnered significant attention. This Emote release coincides with the anticipation surrounding Eminem’s upcoming album,The Death of Slim Shady (Coup de Grâce),” slated for release later this year.

Following Eminem’s successful debut in Fortnite earlier this year, the introduction of another Emote tied to his latest track makes perfect sense.

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Eminem’s Return to Fortnite

On June 22, players noticed the Rap Boy Eminem Outfit had mysteriously disappeared from their Fortnite lockers. Epic Games investigated the issue, and three days later, the skin was re-enabled in the Fortnite Item Shop, marking Eminem’s return. While Epic Games offered no official explanation, players took the opportunity to humorously meme the situation.


It’s unclear whether this disappearance was an intentional joke by Epic Games, but it certainly adds to the mystique surrounding “Houdini.” The Houdini Emote’s availability is limited, so make sure to grab it while you can if you’re a fan of Eminem or Fortnite cosmetics.

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