Fortnite OG Chapter 2 Confirmed: Everything You Need to Know

Fortnite OG Chapter 2 Confirmed: Everything You Need to Know

24. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Exciting news for Fortnite fans: an OG version of Chapter 2 is on the horizon. After the success of the OG Chapter 1 season, Epic Games is bringing back more nostalgic content, this time focusing on the infamous Chapter 2. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Fortnite OG Chapter 2.

Is OG Chapter 2 Returning to Fortnite?

Last November, Fortnite delighted fans with a month-long season that revisited various moments from Chapter 1. Each week brought updates with content from different seasons of Chapter 1, and it was a huge hit.

Following its success, Epic Games announced that more OG Fortnite content would be coming, though they didn’t specify when or whether it would be Chapter 1 again.

Speculation grew that another OG season might drop in 2024, focusing on Chapter 2 this time. These rumors have now been confirmed. Popular Fortnite leaker Hypex revealed on Twitter that an OG Chapter 2 season is officially in the works.

fn ch2 cover og

When Will OG Chapter 2 Arrive?

According to Hypex, the OG Chapter 2 season is slated to launch in late 2024. This season will prominently feature Chapter 2, Season 2, known as the “Midas season.” It suggests that after the current Fortnite season, players can expect to dive into an OG experience revisiting Chapter 2.

What Can We Expect in the OG Chapter 2 Map?

Chapter 2 of Fortnite had numerous seasons, offering a wealth of content for Epic Games to draw upon. Fans can look forward to seeing familiar elements from various Chapter 2 seasons, including:

  • Midas and the Agency: Chapter 2, Season 2’s spy theme with Midas and his Agency.
  • The Flood: Elements from Chapter 2, Season 3, which introduced flooded areas and aquatic gameplay.
  • Marvel Crossover: Content from Chapter 2, Season 4, which was heavily themed around Marvel superheroes.
  • The Zero Point: Iconic moments from Chapter 2, Season 5, featuring the Zero Point and crossover characters.
  • Aliens and UFOs: The extraterrestrial theme from Chapter 2, Season 7.
  • The Cube Queen and The End Event: The climactic events from Chapter 2, Season 8.


Why Bring Back OG Chapter 2?

Revisiting OG content allows Epic Games to capitalize on the nostalgia of longtime players while also introducing newer players to iconic moments they may have missed.

The previous OG Chapter 1 season’s success demonstrated a strong demand for this type of content. By bringing back Chapter 2, Epic Games ensures that fans get to relive some of Fortnite’s most memorable moments.

What Fans Want to See

Fans are eagerly anticipating what the OG Chapter 2 map will include. Some of the most requested features and moments include:

  • Classic Locations: Iconic POIs like The Authority, The Grotto, and The Rig.
  • Events and Storylines: Major events such as The Device, Galactus, and Operation: Sky Fire.
  • Vaulted Weapons and Items: Popular weapons and items that were a part of Chapter 2.
  • Original Mechanics: Elements like swimming, fishing, and vehicles that defined Chapter 2 gameplay.

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The return of OG Chapter 2 is set to be a nostalgic trip for Fortnite fans. With a mix of classic content and the potential for new twists, the upcoming season is bound to be a hit. Stay tuned for more updates as Epic Games prepares to launch this exciting blast from the past in late 2024.

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