EA FC 24 TOTS: How to Get Free Packs | Ultimate Team Guide

EA FC 24 TOTS: How to Get Free Packs | Ultimate Team Guide

25. April 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The Team of the Season (TOTS) event is one of the biggest in EA FC 24, and you’ll need to open many packs to get TOTS cards. Here, we’ll explain how to get free packs in EA FC 24 and more.

The promotion for the EA FC 24 Team of the Season has kicked off with the release of Live TOTS cards in Ultimate Team. These highly valued cards are already available in packs, but the celebrations are just beginning as teams from different leagues, such as the Premier League TOTS and the Bundesliga TOTS, will soon arrive.

TOTS cards are likely to dominate the competitive scene of the game in the coming months, so it’s crucial to get these cards to maintain a competitive lineup. With that in mind, here’s how to get more packs during the EA FC 24 TOTS campaign to increase your chances of getting a special card.

How to Get More TOTS Packs in EA FC 24?

FC24 TOTS Warm Up Series 16x9 Squad

Here are some ways to get a steady supply of free packs during the TOTS campaign of the football simulation game:

Complete Daily Game Objectives

Daily Game Objectives are activated in EA FC 24 with each new promotion and provide an easy way to get free packs. All you have to do is play three Ultimate Team matches in Rivals, Champions, or Squad Battles. By completing the TOTS Daily Game Objective, you’ll get a pack of 80+ x5 every day.

This task is also linked to the TOTS Daily Game Completer tree, which offers a TOTS Guarantee pack as the final reward. Here are all the TOTS daily game rewards:

1 completed: 83+ x2 Rare Gold Player Pack
2 completed: 83+ x2 Special Gold Player Pack
3 completed: Rare Electrum Player Pack
4 completed: Premium Gold Player Pack
5 completed: 80+ x10 Rare Gold Player Pack, TOTS Guarantee Pack.

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Complete Daily Login and Daily Challenge SBCs

Like daily game objectives, daily login and daily challenge SBCs should be part of your daily checklist in EA FC 24. Both SBCs are linked to objective trees that lead to free packs and require low-rated fodder cards to complete.

The daily login SBC, in particular, only requires a bronze card to complete, and these are the rewards you can get by completing it every day:

1 completed: 81+ x2 Rare Gold Player Pack
2 completed: 82+ x2 Special Gold Player Pack
3 completed: 80+ x5 Rare Gold Player Pack
4 completed: 83+ x2 Rare Gold Player Pack
6 completed: Special Gold Player Pack
8 completed: 84+ x2 Rare Gold Player Pack
10 completed: 84+ x4 Rare Gold Player Pack 1
12 completed: 86+ x2 Rare Gold Player Pack

Get FC Pro Rewards

The FC Pro tournament is an integral part of the EA FC 24 esports world. As part of the celebration, developers have been awarding rewards to the audience over the past few months, including Season 7 rewards that are currently available. These rewards range from experience to free packs and require watching a live FC Pro stream for a specific period.

However, before tuning in to a live stream, it’s important to make sure to link your EA Account to Twitch to receive a Mega free pack.

Recycle High-Quality Fodder

With EA FC 24 nearing the end of its cycle, it’s quite easy to get cards with a rating of 87 or higher. Normally, you’d lean towards putting these cards into an expensive SBC, but now you can redeem them for a pack. This is possible thanks to Exchange SBCs, which allow you to exchange 85-89 cards for packs. We recommend doing this using duplicate fodder cards.

Here are the packs you can get through Exchange SBCs:

85 OVR Exchange: x7 Player Packs
86 OVR Exchange: x11 Player Packs
87 OVR Exchange: x19 Player Packs
88 OVR Exchange: x27 Player Packs
89 OVR Exchange: x51 Player Packs

That’s how you get more free packs in EA FC 24 TOTS. Objectives may change in the coming days, so we’ll make sure to update this guide accordingly.

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Keep an eye on daily objectives and SBCs to maximize your chances of getting free packs. Additionally, participating in FC Pro tournaments can also provide valuable rewards. Happy pack opening!