DreamLeague Season 23 Group Stage: Falcons and Gaimin Gladiators Dominate

DreamLeague Season 23 Group Stage: Falcons and Gaimin Gladiators Dominate

21. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The first day of DreamLeague Season 23 Group Stage has wrapped up, with twelve teams battling it out for points. Two teams have emerged undefeated, while one team struggled to secure any wins. Here’s a detailed look at the first day’s action.

Group Stage Standings

Group A Standings:

  1. Gaimin Gladiators: 4-0
  2. Aurora: 2-2
  3. HEROIC: 2-2
  4. Team Liquid: 2-2
  5. Xtreme Gaming: 2-2
  6. PSG Quest: 0-4

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Group B Standings:

  1. Team Falcons: 4-0
  2. Azure Ray: 2-2
  3. BetBoom Team: 2-2
  4. Tundra Esports: 2-2
  5. NAVI: 1-3
  6. Shopify Rebellion: 1-3

Group A: Gaimin Gladiators Soar, PSG Quest Falters

Gaimin Gladiators Lead the Pack

Gaimin Gladiators had a stellar opening day, leading Group A with a perfect 4-0 score. They secured convincing victories against Xtreme Gaming and PSG Quest, showcasing their strong form and strategic prowess. This performance is especially notable given Xtreme Gaming’s recent runner-up finish at the PGL Wallachia.

PSG Quest Struggles

In contrast, PSG Quest had a tough start, ending the day without a single win. Despite being a dark horse with a recent top 6 finish in the Elite League, they couldn’t find their footing. The team has two more days to turn things around, but they need to make significant improvements quickly. Meanwhile, Xtreme Gaming, HEROIC, Aurora, and Team Liquid each recorded one win and one loss, keeping the competition in Group A tight.

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Group B: Falcons Fly High

Falcons Dominate Day 1

In Group B, Team Falcons emerged as the dominant force. Reunited with their midlaner Malr1ne, they delivered strong performances against Azure Ray and Tundra Esports, finishing the day with a perfect 4-0 score. Their cohesion and strategic gameplay were evident, making them the team to beat in Group B.

Mixed Results for Other Teams

BetBoom Team had a mixed start, securing a win against NAVI but suffering a loss to Azure Ray. This inconsistent performance follows their early exit in PGL Wallachia, raising concerns about their current form. Azure Ray and Tundra Esports ended the day with balanced scores, while Shopify Rebellion and NAVI struggled to keep up.


Key Highlights from Day 1

  • Gaimin Gladiators showed exceptional teamwork, dominating their group.
  • PSG Quest needs to reassess their strategies to recover from their poor start.
  • Team Falcons continued their impressive run, displaying strong gameplay and coordination.
  • BetBoom Team and Azure Ray need to find consistency to stay competitive.

Teams to Watch

  • Gaimin Gladiators: With their perfect start, they are strong contenders for the title.
  • Team Falcons: Their dominance and cohesion make them a top team in Group B.
  • BetBoom Team: Despite a shaky start, they have the potential to bounce back.

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The first day of the DreamLeague Season 23 Group Stage has set the stage for an exciting competition. Falcons and Gaimin Gladiators have emerged as leaders, but the battle is far from over. As the Group Stage progresses, the intensity and competition will only increase, promising thrilling matches ahead.