Drama at Blacklist International: Gabbi and Abed Fined After Physical Altercation

Drama at Blacklist International: Gabbi and Abed Fined After Physical Altercation

21. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The competitive Dota 2 scene in the Philippines was rocked when two of its star players, Kim “Gabbi” Santos and Abed “Abed” Yusop, were involved in a physical altercation. The conflict escalated when Abed, provoked by Gabbi’s trashtalk, punched Gabbi multiple times. This incident led to significant fines imposed by their organization, Blacklist International.

Inside the Conflict

In a revealing interview with LuponWXC’s D’Xclusive, Blacklist International CEO Tryke Gutierrez shared details about the incident. He highlighted the challenges of managing the team and delved into the dramatic clash between Gabbi and Abed.

According to Tryke, the altercation occurred during a photoshoot, not at their bootcamp, and was sparked by a personal issue between the players.

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Official Confirmation and Fines

Last week, rumors circulated about Gabbi’s departure from Blacklist International following the conflict. These rumors were confirmed when Tryke Gutierrez publicly acknowledged the altercation.

As a consequence, both players were fined a substantial amount, significant enough to purchase a car. The fines will be donated to charity, underscoring the organization’s stance against such behavior.

Gabbi’s Status and Future Prospects

Despite the turmoil, Gabbi will remain with Blacklist International. Tryke had a personal discussion with Gabbi, emphasizing the importance of mindful communication. He praised Gabbi for his self-reflection and willingness to move forward. The team will be tested in the upcoming Riyadh Masters, a critical tournament for their future.

New Team Lineup for Riyadh Masters

Blacklist International will compete with a revamped lineup, introducing Jaunuel and Natsumi to replace Palos and MJZ in the carry and support roles. This new configuration aims to strengthen the team as they head into the Riyadh Masters qualifiers.

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The incident between Gabbi and Abed highlights the intense pressures in competitive esports. Blacklist International’s decisive response, including significant fines and charity donations, reflects their commitment to a professional and respectful team environment.

As Gabbi and Abed continue to compete together, the upcoming Riyadh Masters will be a crucial test of their team’s resilience and dynamics.