Dota 2: Team Spirit Triumphs Over Xtreme Gaming to Win PGL Wallachia

Dota 2: Team Spirit Triumphs Over Xtreme Gaming to Win PGL Wallachia

20. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The PGL Wallachia tournament concluded with a spectacular final between Team Spirit and Xtreme Gaming, highlighting once again the supremacy of Eastern European teams in the Dota 2 arena.

A Thrilling Finale: Yatoro vs. Ame

The much-anticipated face-off between Yatoro and Ame did not disappoint, offering fans one of the most exhilarating Dota 2 matches in recent history. After eight intense games, Team Spirit emerged victorious with a 3-2 win against Xtreme Gaming in Bucharest, Romania.

Team Spirit’s Road to Victory

Team Spirit demonstrated their dominance and skill throughout the tournament. The roster of Yatoro, Larl, Collapse, Mira, and Miposhka showcased why they are the current International (TI) champions. Their journey to the grand final saw them battling through the lower bracket, defeating Team Falcons, one of the strongest rosters this year.


Xtreme Gaming’s Impressive Performance

Despite the loss, Xtreme Gaming had an outstanding run in the tournament. The team, featuring Ame and XinQ, former PSG.LGD stars, went undefeated in all their matches until the grand final. They achieved 2-0 victories against teams like G2.IG and Team Falcons, making their performance noteworthy and commendable.

The Significance of Third-Party Tournaments

The success of the PGL Wallachia highlights the potential of third-party tournaments in the Dota 2 competitive scene. With the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) in decline, events like PGL Wallachia are stepping up to fill the void, much to the delight of fans and players alike.


The Rise of Team Spirit

Team Spirit’s win solidifies their place at the top of the Dota 2 world. The team not only claimed the $300,000 prize but also reaffirmed their status as one of the best, if not the best, teams in the current competitive landscape.

A Look at the Grand Final

The grand final was a true test of endurance and skill. After a day packed with eight games, Team Spirit edged out Xtreme Gaming with a 3-2 score. This victory is particularly significant given the high stakes and the formidable opponents they faced.


Key Highlights of the Grand Final:

  • Game 1: Team Spirit dominated with early aggression.
  • Game 2: Xtreme Gaming bounced back with superior late-game tactics.
  • Game 3: An intense battle with multiple team fights, narrowly won by Team Spirit.
  • Game 4: Xtreme Gaming’s resilience shone through, forcing a deciding fifth game.
  • Game 5: Team Spirit’s strategic plays and coordination secured their victory.

Upcoming Competitions and the Future

The excitement doesn’t end with PGL Wallachia. The DreamLeague Season 23 is set to begin, featuring a roster of familiar and competitive teams. This rapid succession of tournaments means teams like Team Spirit and Xtreme Gaming will have little time to rest.

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Potential Impact on Players

While the continuous competition is thrilling for fans, it could lead to fatigue among players. The rigorous schedule might start to take a toll, especially on teams like Xtreme Gaming and Team Falcons, who have shown remarkable performance but now face back-to-back tournaments.


Team Spirit’s victory at PGL Wallachia is a testament to their skill and perseverance. As they move forward, maintaining their momentum will be crucial. Fans can look forward to more high-caliber matches in upcoming tournaments like DreamLeague Season 23.

For more information on upcoming tournaments and to stay updated with the latest in Dota 2, keep an eye on official Dota 2 updates and third-party tournament organizers’ announcements.