Dota 2: Funn1k accuses former teammates of match-fixing

Dota 2: Funn1k accuses former teammates of match-fixing

16. August 2023 by miranda angeles

Recently, some Dota 2 players have found themselves in a controversy. Glib “Funn1k” Lipatnikov has accused his former teammates of being involved in Dota 2 match-fixing.

Funn1k accuses ex-teammates of match-fixing

Funn1k has recently accused Danil “Dendi” Ishutin and his entire Dota 2 B8 team of being involved in match-fixing. A couple of days ago, Funn1k used his Twitter account to raise his doubts, the offlaner wondering about the finances and viability of the team.

It is important to note that B8 is a Ukrainian organization severely affected by the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine. That is why the organization had to relocate at the end of 2022. For his part, Funn1k commented that the B8 organization lent him a hand and helped him when he needed it. The player opted to join B8 for six months as a form of gratitude.

Funn1k as a B8 player

Funn1k has commented that during his time at B8, he made a political comment on a Dota 2 forum. Shortly after that post, both the B8 CEO and Dendi contacted him. The two members of his team asked him to remove his post. According to the information revealed by Funn1k, he complied with the order. However, many doubts arose in his head.

Then, Funn1k commented that it was time to get paid. However, he was told by B8 that his comment had scared investors and that he could not be paid at that time. In addition, he was told that he should refrain from posting any comments on the internet.

At that point, Funn1k wondered if B8 was a Ukrainian organization on paper but was actually being funded by a Russian organization. All these doubts arose because of the incidents that were happening.

Accusations of match-fixing

Funn1k’s accusations towards B8 go much. Further, the well-known player has suggested that B8 might be involved in match-fixing. The player claims he cannot explain the poor performance in official matches. According to Funn1k, both Dendi and Oleg “Lodine” Kvasha and Denis “StoneBank” Korzh have performed questionably poorly and have given some justifications that seem “bogus.”  In addition, Funn1k comments that despite that underperformance, the team had good results in the qualifying games.

Fans question Funn1k’s accusations

Opinions from the Dota 2 community regarding Funn1k’s accusations are mixed. On the one hand, some fans dismissed the player’s accusations; many people think they are exaggerations and argued that Funn1k always makes rather exaggerated claims.

On the other hand, fans think that everything Funn1k says makes sense. Remember that B8 was founded in 2020 and has not been successful since then. Arguably, a team of B8’s caliber would not be able to stay afloat for more than two seasons without winning tournaments. In turn, fans have commented that, in 2021, B8 expanded to CS:GO. Many think it may be a private investor since it has no official sponsor.

It is important to note that this would not be the first time Funn1k has disparaged B8 and his former teammates. Funn1k accused B8 of having low skill and not paying his DPC players in early August.