Team Zero Surprises Dota 2 Community: Secures First TI 2024 Slot in China Qualifiers

Team Zero Surprises Dota 2 Community: Secures First TI 2024 Slot in China Qualifiers

12. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In a stunning turn of events, Team Zero emerged victorious in the fiercely contested TI 2024 China Qualifiers, securing their spot in the prestigious tournament. Defying all odds, Team Zero defeated formidable opponents like G2.iG and Azure Ray to clinch the first qualifying slot for TI 2024.

Meet Team Zero’s Dota 2 Roster

  • Yang “Erika” Shaohan
  • Huang “7e” Heming
  • Xiang “Beyond” Zhenghong
  • Remus “ponlo” Goh
  • Zhang “zzq” Ziqiang

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Journey to Victory: Team Zero’s Path to TI 2024

The TI 2024 China Qualifiers kicked off with high expectations, with powerhouse teams like G2.iG and Azure Ray considered the frontrunners. However, Team Zero had other plans.

In a series of impressive performances, Team Zero made their mark on the tournament. They began their journey with a convincing victory against Old Warrior, a team boasting veteran talent. Next, they faced off against G2.iG and stunned the Dota 2 community with a 2-1 victory, showcasing their resilience and skill.

However, the most defining moment came when Team Zero clashed with Azure Ray in the finals. Despite Azure Ray’s strong form and recent victories, Team Zero rose to the occasion, securing a thrilling 2-1 victory and solidifying their place in TI 2024.


One Slot Remains for China

With Team Zero securing the first slot from the Chinese region, only one more team will advance to TI 2024. This sets up an intense battle in the Lower Bracket, where Team Turtle, G2.iG, and Azure Ray will vie for the remaining spot. The decisive match is scheduled for tomorrow, June 13th.

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Key Highlights

  • Surprise Victory: Team Zero’s unexpected triumph over favorites has been the talk of the community.
  • Upper Bracket Domination: Convincing victories against top teams showcase their potential.
  • Final Showdown: The remaining teams face an intense battle for the last TI 2024 spot.



Stay tuned as we witness who will join Team Zero in representing China at The International 2024. The excitement continues as the Dota 2 community eagerly awaits the final outcomes.

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