Leaked Deadlock Gameplay Reveals New Characters and Exciting Features

Leaked Deadlock Gameplay Reveals New Characters and Exciting Features

22. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Valve’s highly-anticipated hero shooter, Deadlock, has seen its first gameplay footage leaked today, showcasing a host of new features and characters, as well as the much-discussed monorail-like transport system.

First Look at Deadlock Gameplay

The leaked clip, shared by insider PlayerIGN on X (formerly Twitter) on May 22, offers a glimpse into Deadlock’s early alpha state. The footage features a player using a zipline running across the map’s ceiling, which is set in a fantasy-steampunk version of New York.

This sneak peek, captured in a “Hero Training” mode devoid of enemies or AI bots, highlights several intriguing elements.

Valve Artifact 3

MOBA-Inspired Map Design

The HUD display reveals a four-lane setup, confirming earlier rumors that Deadlock takes inspiration from Dota 2 and SMITE. Teams must capture or destroy specific landmarks to advance towards the enemy base. This structure clearly integrates MOBA elements, aiming to blend the strategic depth of MOBAs with the fast-paced action of hero shooters.

Character Abilities and Combat Mechanics

In the footage, the player utilizes a segmented agility or dodge bar with a cooldown, while wielding a steampunk-inspired pistol. This mechanic, along with the diverse weapon types expected, promises a dynamic combat experience.

We also see abilities from characters like Grey Talon, reminiscent of Overwatch’s Hanzo, suggesting a variety of unique playstyles and strategies.


Character Roster and Abilities

The tester navigates back to the menu, revealing additional character screenshots and ability icons. Names like Infernus, Haze, Ivy, and Kelvin appear, all of which align with previous leaks from May 21 by Insider Gaming. Each character seems to bring distinct abilities and roles, contributing to the game’s strategic complexity.

Development Progress and Future Expectations

While the exact date of the footage is unknown, it’s believed to have been captured during a recent Deadlock alpha test. The preview showcases map designs and character models, indicating significant progress in development.

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Valve’s Ambition in the Hero Shooter Genre

Despite Valve not officially announcing Deadlock or its release date, the game aims to carve a niche in the competitive hero shooter market, dominated by titles like Overwatch and the recently launched Marvel Rivals. Valve’s track record with games like Team Fortress 2 suggests they have the experience to potentially redefine the genre.

Key Highlights

  • Early Alpha Footage: Demonstrates zipline mechanics and a steampunk New York setting.
  • Four-Lane Map Setup: Confirms MOBA-inspired team objectives.
  • Agility Mechanics: Features a cooldown-based agility bar for enhanced combat.
  • Character Diversity: Introduces varied abilities and roles for strategic gameplay.
  • Development Status: Shows promising progress in map and character design.
  • Market Position: Set to challenge major hero shooters like Overwatch and Marvel Rivals.

Deadlock gameplay leak
byu/pinguluk inDotA2

Final Toughts

Deadlock’s leaked gameplay footage reveals a rich blend of MOBA and hero shooter elements, promising a unique and engaging experience. With its diverse character roster and innovative mechanics, Deadlock could become a standout title in the genre. Stay tuned for more updates as Valve continues to refine and develop this exciting new game.

DeadLock Details Leaked: Valve’s New Game to Blend Elements from Valorant, Dota, and Overwatch