DeadLock Details Leaked: Valve’s New Game to Blend Elements from Valorant, Dota, and Overwatch

DeadLock Details Leaked: Valve’s New Game to Blend Elements from Valorant, Dota, and Overwatch

17. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Valve’s next highly anticipated game, reportedly titled DeadLock, has had some exciting details leaked. This upcoming game is set to combine features from several popular titles such as Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, Overwatch, and VALORANT. Here’s everything you need to know about DeadLock.

Overview of DeadLock

According to prominent data miner Gabe Follower, DeadLock will be a competitive, third-person hero-based shooter. The gameplay will bear similarities to Blizzard’s Overwatch but will include unique elements to set it apart. The game will feature 6 vs. 6 battles on expansive maps with four lanes, integrating abilities, items, and tower defense mechanics.

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Game Theme and Setting

DeadLock will have a distinctive fantasy-steampunk theme. The game will introduce a variety of characters including magicians, fantastical creatures, and robots. Fast travel will be a key feature, with players able to move quickly across the map using floating rails, reminiscent of the system in Bioshock Infinite.

Map and Gameplay Design

The leaked minimap indicates a layout with four lanes, emphasizing strategic movement and combat. The game’s setting will resemble a modern steampunk European city, drawing aesthetic inspiration from Half-Life.

Although initial designs included sci-fi elements inspired by Half-Life and Portal, these were discarded following negative feedback. Instead, the developers have opted to focus on fantasy-themed elements.

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Hero Design and Abilities

DeadLock’s hero design is heavily influenced by Dota 2. One of the revealed heroes, Grey Talon, is described as a cunning predator utilizing long-range skill shots, traps, and strategic positioning to defeat opponents. The hero design emphasizes a blend of unique abilities and tactical gameplay, offering a diverse range of playstyles for players to explore.

Here is a glimpse of Grey Talon and the ability icons associated with this character. Grey Talon is equipped with a combination of deadly accuracy and strategic traps, making them a formidable opponent on the battlefield.

Grey Talon in Valves Deadlock 1024x554 1

Key Features of DeadLock

  • Competitive 6 vs. 6 Battles: Engage in team-based combat with strategic elements.
  • Fantasy-Steampunk Theme: Explore a unique world combining elements of fantasy and steampunk.
  • Four-Lane Maps: Navigate and strategize on expansive maps designed for intense battles.
  • Hero-Based Shooter: Choose from a variety of heroes, each with unique abilities and playstyles.
  • Fast Travel: Utilize floating rails to quickly traverse the map and gain a strategic advantage.

Valve has yet to officially announce DeadLock, but the leaks suggest a thrilling new addition to the competitive gaming scene. With its blend of familiar elements from popular games and unique new mechanics, DeadLock promises to offer an engaging and dynamic gaming experience.

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DeadLock appears to be an ambitious project by Valve, combining the best aspects of several popular games into a unique and engaging package. As more information becomes available, fans eagerly await the official announcement and release of what could be the next big hit in competitive gaming.

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