CS:GO: A Pro player, after cheating teammates, has signed with a new organization

CS:GO: A Pro player, after cheating teammates, has signed with a new organization

8. September 2023 by miranda angeles

A few months ago, news broke that a professional CS:GO player had scammed his teammates and was accused of losing his skin in gambling. Recently, news broke that this player has signed up with a new organization.

Professional CS:GO gamer cheats on his teammates

Mongolian-born pro gamer Azbayar ‘Senzu’ Munkhbold, just 16 years old, was found guilty of cheating his teammates. Senzu’s scam scheme involved borrowing skins from his teammates and then losing them on some bets. This action by the player affected both his teammates and the management of the organization he played for. This information was revealed by Team NKT, the Thai esports organization, on its Twitter account on June 5. For his part, a teammate of Senzu’s revealed that the player had gambled away the CS:GO skins that everyone on the team had lent him.

At the same time, the organization informed that Senzu will remain under contract with the team. However, this player would not be on the active roster and could only compete when the organization so decided. They also informed all organizations and teams wanting Azbayar ‘Senzu’ Munkhbold on their rosters to contact Team NKT management directly.

However, yesterday, we discovered that Senzu has signed for another team a few months after living in this situation. From now on, Senzu is a player of The MongolZ team.

Senzu signs with The MongolZ team

The young player who was accused of scamming his teammates with CS:GO skins has finally signed up for a new organization. Senzu, now joining The MongolZ, arrives to replace Chinguun ‘hasteka’ Bayarmaa, who left the team on September 4.

Without a doubt, things are starting to look up for Senzu. The player will be part of one of the best Asian CS:GO teams. The MongolZ is currently ranked 24th in the HLTV world rankings. In addition, this team finished among the top 16 teams in the IEM Cologne 2023. In this tournament, this team surprised both fans and rivals.

It is important to note that Senzu already played with the MongolZ jersey for a period of four months in 2022. So, it is not the first time the player joins the team.

Senzu is expected to make his official debut at the BLAST Premier Fall American Showdown next October. The player’s debut will be in style, where he will have to compete with the best teams in the world, such as Evil Geniuses, Team Liquid, and Furia Esports.