G2 Esports Targets North American CS2 Star “malbsMd”

G2 Esports Targets North American CS2 Star “malbsMd”

15. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

G2 Esports, fresh off their stunning victory at IEM Dallas 2024, is reportedly looking to bolster their roster with a new addition. The European powerhouse, known for their strategic plays and impressive tournament performances, is eyeing a promising North American player who has been making waves in the CS2 scene.

G2 Esports Eyes Guatemalan Prodigy “malbsMd”

According to sources, G2 Esports is in discussions with Mario “malbsMd” Samayoa, a standout player from the M80 team. Although the specific player he would replace on G2’s roster has not been disclosed, the potential move has already sparked excitement among fans and analysts alike.

Historically, G2 has rarely included North American players in their CS2 lineup. Stewie2K was a notable exception, and now, malbsMd’s exceptional performance metrics suggest he could be the next North American to join the ranks of G2.

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Impressive Performance of malbsMd

In the past six months, the 21-year-old Guatemalan has delivered outstanding performances, boasting a 1.32 rating according to HLTV. Key statistics that highlight his capabilities include:

  • 91.8 average damage per round (ADR)
  • 0.84 average kills per round (KPR)
  • 1.59 impact rating

These stats indicate not only his consistency but also his ability to make significant contributions in crucial moments.

M80’s Journey and malbsMd’s Consistent Form

While M80 has been striving to make a mark in the competitive CS2 landscape, they have yet to achieve top-tier success. At the ESL Pro League Season 19, M80 finished 17-20th, and they placed 13-16th at IEM Dallas 2024.

Despite these placements, malbsMd has consistently stood out with his performance, maintaining a rating above one in nearly all recent tournaments.


G2’s Current Roster and Upcoming Changes

G2 Esports is currently competing in the BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2024. They began the event with a setback against Team Spirit, largely due to the absence of their star player m0NESY, who faced visa issues. With a summer break approaching in the CS2 calendar, it’s expected that more details and potential roster changes will be announced.

Benefits of Adding malbsMd to G2 Esports

Integrating malbsMd into the G2 roster could bring several advantages:

  • Enhanced Firepower: His high average damage and kill rates suggest he could significantly boost G2’s offensive capabilities.
  • Impact Player: With a 1.59 impact rating, malbsMd can be pivotal in turning the tide during critical rounds.
  • Fresh Dynamics: His addition would introduce a new playstyle and strategies, potentially catching opponents off guard.

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Final Toughts

As G2 Esports navigates the highly competitive CS2 scene, the potential acquisition of malbsMd could prove to be a game-changer. Given his consistent performance and high-impact gameplay, he is poised to make a significant contribution to G2’s future successes.

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