CoD Black Ops 6 to Reintroduce Gobblegums for Zombies Mode

CoD Black Ops 6 to Reintroduce Gobblegums for Zombies Mode

3. July 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 is set to bring back the beloved Gobblegums for its iconic Zombies mode, much to the delight of the community. After experimenting with various features in recent years, Treyarch has decided to return to its roots, promising two round-based maps at launch and the reintroduction of Gobblegums.

What Are Gobblegums?

Gobblegums, first introduced in Black Ops 3, are special temporary abilities that players can acquire during a Zombies round. These abilities range from practical perks, such as using stored ammo instead of reloading, to more dynamic effects like teleportation to random map locations.

In Black Ops 3, players unlocked Gobblegums through a loot box system and could select a few to be available for random distribution in each game.

Zombies gobblegum1

Importance of Gobblegums

While casual players could enjoy Zombies mode without using Gobblegums, those aiming for high rounds found them essential. A deep understanding of each Gobblegum’s effects was crucial for preparing for various in-game situations.

Challenges and Improvements

For Black Ops 6, it’s vital that Treyarch avoids the pitfalls of previous installments. The challenge lies in ensuring that Gobblegums enhance gameplay without making it too easy or unbalanced. Proper integration and balancing will be key to maintaining the mode’s integrity and challenge.

Black Ops Cold War’s Approach

Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies mode was noted for its relative ease compared to earlier games. The upgrade system allowed most weapons to remain viable well into advanced rounds, and larger maps facilitated easier repositioning. These factors led many players to view the mode as less challenging.


Expectations for Black Ops 6

The return of Gobblegums in Black Ops 6 is generating significant excitement among Zombies fans. However, Treyarch must strike a balance to ensure these tools do not disrupt the overall gaming experience. Players are looking forward to a challenging yet fair gameplay environment where Gobblegums can be used strategically without overpowering the mode.

Key Features of Gobblegums in Black Ops 6

Here are some potential features and details that could define the reintroduction of Gobblegums in Black Ops 6:

  • Enhanced Abilities:
    • Ammo Conservation: Use stored ammo instead of reloading.
    • Instant Revive: Automatically revive a downed teammate.
    • Random Teleportation: Teleport to a random location on the map.
  • Unlock System:
    • Loot Boxes: Unlock Gobblegums through an in-game loot box system.
    • Custom Loadouts: Select specific Gobblegums before starting a round.
  • Gameplay Balance:
    • Cooldowns: Introduce cooldown periods to prevent overuse.
    • Rarity Tiers: Implement rarity tiers to balance the power of different Gobblegums.
    • In-Game Currency: Use in-game currency to purchase Gobblegums during matches.

Gobblegums are gonna have to be heavily reworked.
by inCODZombies


The reintroduction of Gobblegums in Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 marks a return to classic Zombies gameplay that fans have longed for. With the right balance, these abilities can enhance the gaming experience without undermining the challenge.

As anticipation builds, players eagerly await the release to see how Treyarch will integrate this beloved feature into the latest installment.

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