“Unplayable”: Latest CoD MW3 Updates Introduce Severe Lag, Angering Players

“Unplayable”: Latest CoD MW3 Updates Introduce Severe Lag, Angering Players

2. July 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Call of Duty players are no strangers to lag complaints, especially after a poor performance in a match.

However, the recent Season Four Reloaded update for Modern Warfare 3, released on June 26, has sparked a wave of frustration among the community, with many describing the game as “borderline unplayable,” “unstable,” and “trash,” according to numerous posts on the MW3 Reddit page.

Varied Manifestations of Lag

The lag issues are affecting players in different ways, leading to an influx of complaints and video evidence on Reddit. A quick browse through the page reveals several posts highlighting the severity of the problem. The term “unplayable” is frequently used to describe the current state of the game.

One player lamented:If my ping goes above 32, I start rubberbanding like crazy. I’ve apparently lost connection to servers four times today, and it would kick me out the application. Happened yesterday too. I’m afraid to play Zombies because I won’t make it a whole match without being kicked.

anyone else?
byu/Obvious-Ad-4834 inModernWarfareIII

A Widespread Problem

The lag is not confined to a single platform or game mode. Players across MW3 multiplayer, Zombies, and Warzone are all reporting similar issues. The frustration is palpable among those who continue to play despite the lag.

Another player expressed their frustration:It’s been happening to me the last few days. I was wondering if I should even bother today. I see now that I shouldn’t. It’s flaming garbage.

Potential Causes and Persistent Issues

While some players, including myself, haven’t noticed an increase in lag, it’s possible that the issues are related to specific internet connection speeds or other factors within the game or its servers. Regardless, the problem has persisted nearly a week after the Season Four Reloaded update went live.

Anyone else sick of this shit?
byu/roadmane inDotA2

Looking Ahead

With CoD’s season four set to end in just a few weeks, it’s crucial for a new update to address these lag issues promptly. If not resolved, many players may decide to take a break from the game during July.


To mitigate the lag issues, players should:

  1. Check Internet Connection: Ensure a stable and fast internet connection to minimize lag.
  2. Monitor Server Status: Keep an eye on official channels for updates on server maintenance or known issues.
  3. Adjust Game Settings: Lowering in-game graphics settings might help reduce lag for some players.



The current lag issues in Modern Warfare 3 have significantly impacted the gaming experience for many players. As the community awaits a resolution, the frustration grows. Hopefully, the developers will address these problems soon to restore the game’s playability.

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