Cloud9 Returns to Rocket League: RLCS Comeback with Full Roster

Cloud9 Returns to Rocket League: RLCS Comeback with Full Roster

19. April 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Cloud9’s reentry into the Rocket League scene has sent shockwaves throughout the esports community. After a four-year hiatus, the legendary organization is back with a bang, unveiling a complete competitive roster and welcoming a new content creator.

The History

Few organizations in Rocket League boast a legacy as illustrious as Cloud9‘s. From 2017 to 2020, their dominant roster captured an RLCS World Championship title, clinched numerous major LAN events, and captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

In June 2020, Cloud9’s departure from Rocket League left many fans disheartened. Amid frustrations with Psyonix’s handling of RL esports, the organization bid farewell to the scene. However, during a Reddit AMA, CEO Jack Etienne hinted at a potential return if conditions improved.

Cloud9’s Comeback

Cloud9’s resurgence in Rocket League marks more than just the return of a beloved team. It signifies a positive shift in the RLCS landscape, reflecting improved conditions and renewed enthusiasm for the esport.

The newly assembled roster features Hunter “LionBlaze” Woitas, Kadin “Zineel” Zineelabidine, Oliver “percy.” Ortiz, and coach Didi “Didi” Eragoda. Formerly known as “Omelette,” the team holds the #12 spot in North America.

In addition to the competitive squad, Cloud9 welcomes RLCS caster Elyse “herculyse” Herrera as a content creator. Beyond broadcasting RLCS matches, herculyse will engage with fans through regular Twitch streams and official Cloud9 watch parties.

Plans for the Future

While Cloud9 has not disclosed specific plans for its future in Rocket League, insights from herculyse shed light on their long-term commitment. Discussions with Cloud9 began as early as January, indicating meticulous planning and a two-year contract for herculyse.

Cloud9’s return suggests a sustained presence in the Rocket League scene, complemented by recent favorable changes to the RLCS format. With a renewed focus on fairness and competitiveness, the future of Rocket League esports appears brighter than ever.


With a storied history, a talented roster, and a commitment to excellence, Cloud9’s return to Rocket League is poised to make waves in the competitive gaming sphere. As they embark on this new chapter, fans eagerly anticipate the thrills and triumphs that lie ahead.

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