Rocket League Item Rarity Names Changed: Fans Question Psyonix’s Decision

Rocket League Item Rarity Names Changed: Fans Question Psyonix’s Decision

16. April 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Rocket League has stirred up controversy among its fanbase with the announcement of a surprising change to the names of in-game item rarities. While the alteration itself isn’t inherently negative, players are left questioning Psyonix and Epic Games about the reasoning behind the decision, as clarity on the matter has not been provided.

Understanding the Change

As of April 16, Rocket League will implement a shift in the names of several in-game item rarities. The updated terms are as follows: Common items will be referred to as Base, Uncommon will become Sport, Rare will be known as Special, Very Rare will adopt the name Deluxe, and Limited will be renamed Luxury. Import and Exotic rarities will remain unchanged.

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Potential Confusion

The decision to alter the names of item rarities has left many players puzzled. While some argue that the new naming convention could be confusing for long-time players accustomed to the original terms, others express concern about the potential difficulty for newer players to learn and understand the revised system.

Community Response: Lack of Explanation

One of the primary sources of frustration among the Rocket League community stems from the absence of a clear explanation for the name changes. Neither the announcement post nor the accompanying communication from Psyonix offers insight into the motives behind the decision, leaving players to speculate about the rationale behind the alterations.

Comparison to Previous Changes

The renaming of item rarities is not the first instance where Rocket League’s player base has expressed discontent with significant changes to the game.

Previous controversial decisions, such as the removal of in-game item trading by Epic Games, have elicited strong reactions from the community, highlighting the importance of transparent communication between developers and players.


The announcement of renamed item rarities in Rocket League has sparked discussion and debate within the game’s community. While the change itself may not be inherently negative, the lack of clarity surrounding the decision has left players questioning the motives behind the alteration.

As Rocket League moves forward with the implementation of the new naming convention, players await further communication from Psyonix and Epic Games to address their concerns and provide insight into the rationale behind the change.

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