Paving the Way for Brazilian LoL: CBLOL Split One Finals Break Viewership Record

Paving the Way for Brazilian LoL: CBLOL Split One Finals Break Viewership Record

22. April 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The Brazilian League of Legends Championship Series (CBLOL) continues to assert itself as the fastest-growing domestic league in the world of esports. Year after year, the fervor surrounding Brazilian League of Legends captures the attention of fans worldwide, driving continuous growth in the domestic scene.

This past weekend, Brazil demonstrated its status as a burgeoning hotspot for League of Legends by smashing its own regional viewership record during the CBLOL Split One grand finals clash between PaiN Gaming and LOUD.

At its peak, the series attracted over 455,000 viewers, marking an all-time high for the league, as reported by esports viewership tracking site Esports Charts.

Clash of Titans: PaiN Gaming vs. LOUD

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The grand finals featured two legacy franchises, PaiN Gaming and LOUD, renowned not only in professional League of Legends but across the entire esports landscape.

With the CBLOL’s sole berth at the MidSeason Invitational (MSI) on the line, the stakes for this matchup were sky-high. Ultimately, it was LOUD who emerged victorious, defeating PaiN with a thrilling score of three games to two.

LOUD’s triumph marked their fourth consecutive CBLOL title, solidifying their dominance in the Brazilian League scene. Notably, all four of LOUD’s consecutive championship runs, dating back to 2022, culminated in grand final victories over PaiN.

However, LOUD’s performance at subsequent international tournaments has been mixed, boasting a record of 6-14 in individual games since the 2022 World Championship.

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Record-Breaking Viewership

The previous peak viewership record for the CBLOL had remained untouched since 2021 when the Split One finals of that season, featuring PaiN Gaming and Vorax, attracted just over 416,000 viewers at its peak.

The fact that this record was surpassed by the intense showdown between PaiN and LOUD underscores the growing popularity and significance of Brazilian League of Legends esports on the global stage.

LOUD’s victory not only secured their fourth consecutive CBLOL title but also guaranteed them the final spot at MSI. The tournament is scheduled to commence on May 1, with LOUD positioned in the event’s play-in stage.

As they prepare to represent Brazil on the international stage, LOUD’s triumph in the CBLOL Split One finals sets a promising tone for Brazilian League of Legends and its ever-expanding fan base.


The CBLOL Split One finals between PaiN Gaming and LOUD not only delivered thrilling gameplay but also shattered regional viewership records, highlighting the growing popularity of Brazilian League of Legends esports.

With LOUD securing their fourth consecutive CBLOL title and earning a spot at MSI, the Brazilian League scene is poised for further growth and recognition on the global esports landscape.

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