CadiaN’s Admission: “Cheating Helped Me Improve”

CadiaN’s Admission: “Cheating Helped Me Improve”

13. February 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The journey of a professional gamer to the elite level is never easy. Every player aspiring to make it in esports dedicates countless hours to their favorite games with the goal of getting a chance at competing professionally.

Compared to the vast number of players out there, only a few manage to build a lifestyle around competitive gaming. Each player has their own learning curve, and for Team Liquid’s in-game leader, Casper “cadiaN” Møller, his journey was somewhat influenced by cheats.

Admitting to Cheating

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During a live stream with the streamer ohnePixel, cadiaN admitted that cheats helped him improve when he was a child. The Team Liquid in-game leader, aware that this anecdote could spark controversy, emphasized that he only used cheats when he was young and stopped using them when he started competing in offline tournaments.

The Danish player shared his experience but cautioned viewers that this approach is not correct and should not be taken as an example.


Insights from cadiaN

“These cheats are what made me good at the game. I wasn’t even doing capping, because I had no idea… When I installed these cheats, I understood all the timings of when I could encounter the opponent, how long I could run with the knife; if I killed someone, what reaction the opponent would have, because I was fully into wall hacking,” elaborated the Team Liquid in-game leader.

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Looking Ahead

With Team Liquid’s absence at the Intel Extreme Masters Katowice, the true test for the Danish in-game leader with the North American squad will come with the Regional Major Ranking (RMR).

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Starting from March 1st, the American RMR will kick off, and the organization will be vying for a spot in the Major in Copenhagen, which will be the first Major in the history of Counter-Strike 2.

The last time Liquid appeared internationally was in the group stage of the BLAST Premier Spring, where they bowed out after a 2-0 defeat to G2 Esports.