Brazilian Counter-Strike Legend coldzera Qualifies for CS2’s First Major

Brazilian Counter-Strike Legend coldzera Qualifies for CS2’s First Major

5. March 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In a triumphant return to the international stage, Brazilian Counter-Strike icon Marcelo “coldzera” David has secured his spot at CS2’s inaugural Major tournament, marking a significant milestone in his storied career.

Legacy’s hard-fought victory over M80 at today’s American RMR secured their ticket to the prestigious PGL Copenhagen Major, with coldzera at the forefront of their success.

Legacy’s Journey to Victory

Legacy’s path to qualification was not without its challenges. Despite a setback against paiN Gaming on day one of the RMR, Legacy rallied with determination, claiming three consecutive series wins to emerge victorious. This remarkable turnaround culminated in their triumphant victory over M80, solidifying their place among CS2’s elite teams.

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coldzera’s Return to the International Stage

For coldzera, this achievement represents a poignant return to form on the global stage. After a hiatus following the IEM Rio Major in 2022, coldzera’s presence was sorely missed in the competitive CS:GO scene.

However, with Legacy’s rebranding and strategic roster adjustments, including coldzera’s transition to the AWP role, he has once again proven his prowess and resilience.

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Legacy’s Redemption Arc

Legacy’s journey to the PGL Copenhagen Major is a testament to their perseverance and skill. Following organizational changes and a challenging 2023 season, Legacy demonstrated their resilience by dominating the South America closed qualifier for the American RMR.

Their impressive 3-0 record underscored their determination to secure their rightful place on the international stage.

Coldzera @ PGL Antwerp 2022 AME RMR

Looking Ahead: Legacy’s Next Challenge

With their qualification secured, Legacy, led by coldzera, now set their sights on the upcoming PGL Copenhagen Major. Their opening match against fellow Brazilian powerhouse FURIA promises to be a thrilling showdown, setting the stage for coldzera to face off against former teammate and Counter-Strike legend FalleN.

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