Brawl Stars: The OWN Qualifier in Valencia Takes Place on a Bus

Brawl Stars: The OWN Qualifier in Valencia Takes Place on a Bus

23. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Valencia’s regular EMT bus line is hosting a unique and exciting mobile game world championship, drawing great anticipation and participation from the community.

OWN the Bus is the first-ever Brawl Stars world championship held almost entirely on a bus. Yes, you read that right. This original initiative is taking place in Valencia, in collaboration with the city council, Valencia Game City, and OWN.

An Innovative Gaming Experience

Players have been frequently using EMT Valencia lines to qualify for the grand final, set to take place from July 5 to 7 at the OWN festival. One of the most popular stops has been the Playa de las Arenas, where long queues formed as gamers eagerly awaited their turn to board one of the buses designated for the tournament.


Customized Buses for Gaming

Some of the public transport vehicles are specially adapted with zones and spaces designed to enhance the gaming experience. This unique setup aims to encourage the use of public transportation while offering a novel way to engage with the community.

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Promoting Sustainability

The initiative is part of Valencia’s Green European Capital actions, which focus on innovation and environmental care. By hosting the event on public buses, the organizers aim to promote sustainable transportation methods and environmental awareness.

Upcoming Stops

The next stops for OWN the Bus are on the C1 line on June 20 and July 2, with a special stop at Marina de Valencia on June 29.



This remarkable event not only brings a thrilling gaming experience to Brawl Stars fans but also supports Valencia’s efforts to innovate and care for the environment. So, hop on a bus, play some Brawl Stars, and be part of this unique championship journey!


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