Astralis Re-signs Danish Prodigy and Shifts dev1ce to IGL Role

Astralis Re-signs Danish Prodigy and Shifts dev1ce to IGL Role

29. February 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In a series of strategic moves, Astralis, the renowned CS2 organization, has once again reshaped its roster to strengthen its competitive edge.

Following the benching of BlameF and the appointment of a new CS2 coach, Astralis has reintroduced a familiar face while redefining the roles within the team. This article delves into the latest developments surrounding Astralis’ roster adjustments and their implications for the upcoming competitive season.

Reacquisition of Alexander “br0” Bro

Astralis has welcomed back Alexander “br0” Bro into its ranks, marking his return after an eight-month stint with Monte’s international squad. The 21-year-old Danish prodigy brings a wealth of talent and experience to the team, poised to create strategic opportunities and bolster Astralis’ gameplay.

While br0’s arrival signals a significant addition to the roster, it’s noteworthy that he will not be assuming the role of in-game leader (IGL) vacated by the benched BlameF.

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Transition of dev1ce to IGL Role

In a surprising twist, Astralis has entrusted its star AWPer, dev1ce, with the responsibilities of the IGL position. Dev1ce, renowned for his exceptional marksmanship and tactical acumen, has been designated as the primary shot-caller for the team.

This strategic decision underscores Astralis’ confidence in dev1ce’s leadership capabilities and his pivotal role in guiding the team towards success. Dev1ce himself acknowledges his prior involvement in calling plays and embraces the opportunity to take on a more central role within the team’s dynamics.

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Roster Changes in Response to Copenhagen Major Setback

The recent roster adjustments by Astralis come in the aftermath of their disappointment in failing to secure qualification for the PGL CS2 Copenhagen Major. Despite their formidable reputation, Astralis faced setbacks in the European RMR B tournament, culminating in a defeat against 9 Pandas in the Last Chance Qualifier.

In response to this setback, Astralis has undertaken decisive measures to realign their roster and coaching staff, signaling their commitment to reclaiming their competitive prowess.

Outlook for IEM Chengdu

With their sights set on redemption, Astralis is gearing up for the upcoming challenge at IEM Chengdu, scheduled to commence on April 8. As the team navigates through a period of transition and adaptation, all eyes will be on their performance at this highly anticipated event.

The outcome of IEM Chengdu will serve as a litmus test for Astralis’ resilience and their ability to bounce back from adversity on the competitive CS2 stage.

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