Astralis Female CS2 Team Advocates for Female Skins in Counter-Strike 2

Astralis Female CS2 Team Advocates for Female Skins in Counter-Strike 2

29. February 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In a groundbreaking move, members of the Astralis female CS2 team have penned an open letter to Counter-Strike 2 developer Valve, addressing the lack of default female agents in the game. This initiative aims to shed light on the issue of gender inclusivity in gaming and calls for action to rectify the existing gender disparity within the gaming community.

The Call for Change

The shared letter emphasizes the importance of representation and inclusivity in gaming, stating that the absence of default female agents in Counter-Strike 2 creates an “unfair, unwelcoming” environment for female players.

The players highlight the prevalence of sexism that female gamers often encounter and advocate for as many default free female agents as there are male agents in the game.

astralis female letter to valve

Previous Efforts and Current Situation

This open letter serves as a follow-up to a private message reportedly sent to Valve by the players earlier in January. Despite the inclusion of female skins during Operation Shattered Web in 2019, the conclusion of the operation left players with limited access to default male models, as the only method of acquiring agent skins without payment ceased to exist.

Community Response and Support

The post has garnered significant attention, with over two million views on social media platforms. The consensus among players and professionals in the gaming scene is largely supportive of the initiative.

While some members of the CS2 player base are using the letter to draw attention to other issues like the state of the game’s anti-cheat system, there is widespread acknowledgment that addressing sexism and adding female default skins are not mutually exclusive endeavors.

cs2 4

Addressing Concerns

Despite some dissenting voices arguing that default female skins would detract from the “realism” of the game, the overall sentiment is that such a change would have a positive impact on the gaming experience.

It is recognized that realism in a game like Counter-Strike 2 coexists with elements like jumping sniper shots and surfing on flat surfaces, making the inclusion of default female skins a feasible and worthwhile endeavor.


While there are undoubtedly more ways for Valve to combat sexism in Counter-Strike 2, the addition of default female agent skins represents a crucial first step towards fostering a more inclusive gaming environment.

By addressing gender disparity in gaming, Valve has the opportunity to set a precedent for promoting diversity and representation within the gaming industry.

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