Apex Legends Pros Call for Early LAN Invitations Amid Visa Concerns

Apex Legends Pros Call for Early LAN Invitations Amid Visa Concerns

6. March 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The Apex Legends Global Series Split One is nearing its pinnacle with LAN Playoffs on the horizon, featuring 40 teams from all major regions. However, concerns arise as professional players await official LAN invites from EA to address potential visa issues before the tournament.

Urgent Request for Early Invitations

Kiryl “9impulse” Kostsiu, team captain for Aurora Gaming, took to social media to urge EA to send out official LAN invites for the upcoming Split One Playoffs. Without these invites, teams like Aurora Gaming face challenges in obtaining travel visas, which could jeopardize their participation in the event.

Despite Aurora Gaming’s strong position on the EMEA leaderboard, the lack of approved travel visas poses a significant threat to their tournament prospects.

ALGS 9impulse Aurora e1709675087420

Photo by Joe Brady via Apex Legends Esports

Past Visa Issues Highlight the Importance of Early Invitations

The history of visa issues in past ALGS tournaments underscores the critical need for timely communication from organizers.

In the 2023 Split One Playoffs held in London, U.K., several teams were forced to withdraw due to denied visas or late approvals, including 9impulse’s team Fire Beavers, despite being favorites to win the tournament based on their performance in the EMEA region.

EA’s Response Time Criticized

9impulse’s public plea sheds light on the lengthy visa application process, which can take weeks to complete. Previous incidents, such as the delayed response from EA regarding travel visa status for the 2023 Split One Playoffs, highlight the need for improved communication and early issuance of LAN invites.

Despite ongoing concerns raised by players and teams, EA’s response time remains a point of contention.

Fire Beavers 9impulse at the ALGS London Split 2 Playoffs 2023

Continued Challenges in Split Two Playoffs

Despite the successful completion of Split Two Playoffs, visa issues persisted for many teams, leading to last-minute substitutions and potential disruptions during the event. Since the return to LAN tournaments in 2022, visa issues have been a recurring problem, affecting at least one team in every in-person tournament.

The Call for Action

With the anticipated date for the 2024 Split One Playoffs approaching, 9impulse’s call for early LAN invitations gains significance. The lack of timely communication from EA not only affects individual players but also undermines the integrity of competitive play.

Multiple professionals and teams have voiced their concerns, emphasizing the need for action to address visa-related challenges.

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Key Events and Characteristics:

  • Previous visa issues at the 2023 Split One Playoffs in London
  • Delayed response from EA regarding travel visa status
  • Ongoing challenges with visa approvals for Split Two Playoffs
  • Recurring visa issues affecting LAN tournaments since 2022

In conclusion, addressing visa concerns through early LAN invitations is crucial to ensuring the participation of all qualified teams in the Split One Playoffs. As the competitive landscape evolves, proactive measures are essential to mitigate potential disruptions and uphold the competitive integrity of Apex Legends esports.