Apex Legends Inner Beast Event: The Hunt Begins

Apex Legends Inner Beast Event: The Hunt Begins

5. March 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

As Apex Legends season 20 continues to shake up the meta, Respawn Entertainment introduces a thrilling new experience with the Inner Beast collection event. Headlining this event is The Hunt, a new Limited-Time Mode (LTM) set to drop on March 5, offering players a fresh take on the battle royale formula.

The Hunt LTM: A Unique Gameplay Experience

The Hunt LTM introduces datapads scattered across the map, offering teams the opportunity to embark on thrilling hunts for their assigned “prey” squads. Activating these datapads marks the prey squads on the map, with high-tier loot awaiting those who successfully eliminate their targets or fend off their pursuers.

  • Datapads: New gameplay mechanic introduced across the map.
  • Prey Squads: Marked on the map for hunting parties.
  • HighTier Loot: Reward for eliminating prey squads or escaping hunters.

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Dynamic Gameplay Mechanics

While hunters may seem to hold the upper hand, prey squads are not defenseless. With a limited window to track down their targets and a warning alert when hunters approach within 70 meters, prey squads have a chance to outmaneuver their pursuers and turn the tables.

  • Limited Time: Hunters must act quickly to locate their targets.
  • Warning Alert: Prey squads notified of approaching hunters.
  • Strategic Maneuvering: Prey squads can evade and retaliate against hunters.

Limited-Time Cosmetics: Embrace Your Inner Beast

In addition to the adrenaline-pumping gameplay, the Inner Beast event offers 24 limited-time cosmetics inspired by the theme of tracking and bounty hunting. While the collection includes Legendary recolors and Octane’s Prototype Heirloom, players can also earn Epic skins, charms, and sprays through the reward tracker.

  • Legendary Recolors: Skins for Bloodhound, Octane, Caustic, and Rampart.
  • Octane’s Prototype: New look for Octane’s Butterfly Knife Heirloom.
  • Free Rewards: Epic skins, charms, and sprays available for all players.

Event Details and Duration

The Inner Beast collection event kicks off on March 5, offering players two weeks of intense action until March 19. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to dive into The Hunt LTM, unlock exclusive cosmetics, and experience the thrill of the hunt in Apex Legends.

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