Apex Legends: The New Trailer Showcases Leaked Neon City Tied to Alter and Horizon’s Story

Apex Legends: The New Trailer Showcases Leaked Neon City Tied to Alter and Horizon’s Story

18. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

A new Apex Legends lore trailer is causing fans to put their tinfoil hats on and try to figure out where the story’s heading. Today, we got a glimpse of the interest Alter has in Horizon—but we also got a potential look at the game’s newest battle royale playground.

Horizon’s Quest and Alter’s Involvement

The new trailer finally pulls back the curtain on the device Horizon found in the Season 20 launch trailer, as well as Horizon’s continued attempts to make it back to Newton, her son whom she was separated from by time, space, and Ash.

Horizon’s attempts to get the device to work as a means of time travel aren’t going anywhere, but Alter shows up to stir the pot (and reveal the scene behind that “shoving you in a closet” dialogue interaction with Lifeline).

Screenshot 531

Given Alter’s lore on the official Apex website says she’s drawn to cataclysm, the same person has ended worlds in several other dimensions, and her obsession with Horizon and helping her out, the logical jump here is that Horizon most likely is that person that destroyed the world in other dimensions.

Time travel is messy, after all, and it’s a pretty logical jump that starting a big new time travel event horizon could inadvertently open up a temporal anomaly with the power to erase all things, or something like that.

The New Setting: Humbert Labs

And if you’re not a lore nerd like me, there’s also the other big tease from this trailer: the setting. The fight between Alter and Horizon takes place at Humbert Labs, which previously has been most notable in the Apex lore for being Caustic’s former place of employment. But the structures should also be very familiar to anyone keeping up with past map leaks.

The past images made public by leaker Osvaldatore include Humbert labs as a POI on the alleged next map to come to Apex, known only as “District” at this time.

While the gas in the trailer obscures the full structure at the end, it’s clear the Humbert Labs tower and the distinctive amphitheater-like structure to its right are nearly identical to the images leaked from the purported new map.

The tower in the leak even bears the scars of a significant crash—quite possibly the same ones from Alter crashing the helicopter into the tower in the newest trailer.

Credibility of the District Leaks

While all leaks have to be taken with a grain of salt, the new trailer makes the District leaks seem all the more credible and points to players having a new map to play on sooner rather than later. And with plenty of streets, markets, lights, and even the possibility of a night-time map, such a map would quickly become a favorite in the community.

Key Points About the Trailer and Leaks

  • Horizon’s Storyline: Continuation of her attempts to time travel and the involvement of Alter.
  • New Map Tease: Humbert Labs and potential structures seen in past leaks.
  • District Map Leak: Images from leakers aligning with structures seen in the trailer.
  • Community Impact: Excitement for potential new map features like streets and markets.


The latest Apex Legends trailer offers exciting glimpses into both the evolving lore and potential new gameplay environments. Horizon’s struggles with time travel and the ominous presence of Alter set the stage for intriguing story developments.

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Simultaneously, the hints at a new map, possibly called District, bring a fresh sense of anticipation for players. As always, while leaks provide thrilling possibilities, it’s crucial to wait for official announcements for confirmation. Stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled for more updates from Respawn Entertainment.