Apex Legends Season 21: Broken Moon Update Receives Universal Acclaim

Apex Legends Season 21: Broken Moon Update Receives Universal Acclaim

10. May 2024 by Never

Apex Legends players, both casual and professional, are notoriously divided in their opinions on game updates. However, the latest Broken Moon update in Season 21 seems to have struck a remarkable balance that has resonated with the entire player base.

The Evolution of Broken Moon

The Broken Moon map in Season 21 has undergone substantial transformations since its initial launch in Season 15. Notably, the central area of the map has been revamped to remove the notorious Promenade deathtrap, replaced by the expansive Quarantine Zone POI. This update includes numerous beneficial changes:

  • Removal of deathtrap zones like Promenade
  • Introduction of Quarantine Zone with improved rotations and loot
  • Reduction of zip rails towards the center
  • Addition of mini-POIs and structures along rotational paths
  • Enhanced loot distribution
  • New skybox and decorative terrain

These changes have collectively transformed Broken Moon into what many describe as a “brand new map.”

Community Reception

Feedback from the Apex subreddit highlights widespread praise for the Broken Moon update. Players are delighted with how the changes have rejuvenated the gameplay, addressing longstanding grievances. Notably, the elimination of Promenade has been a significant relief for many.

Is it just me or is broken moon very beautiful and very fun
byu/Senior_Process399 inapexlegends

While some players have noted challenges with navigation in the Quarantine Zone due to intricate indoor passageways, overall sentiment remains overwhelmingly positive.

Pro Player Endorsement

The success of the Broken Moon update extends to the professional scene, with top players like ImperialHal from TSM and others expressing enthusiasm for the revamped map. In fact, Oxygen Esports’ Vein suggested replacing World’s Edge with Broken Moon in the ALGS map pool, citing the need for a fresh competitive landscape.

Despite World’s Edge’s longstanding presence in competitive play, the introduction of Broken Moon has injected excitement and novelty into the esports scene.

Game’s Trajectory

With the successful launch of Season 21 and the overwhelmingly positive reception of the Broken Moon update, optimism is rife within the Apex community. Respawn’s ability to turn a polarizing map into a universally acclaimed one marks a significant achievement, setting the game on a promising path forward.

As Apex Legends Season 21 unfolds, players eagerly anticipate further innovations and updates that will continue to elevate the game’s experience.