alorant Agent 26: Everything the Rumors Suggest

alorant Agent 26: Everything the Rumors Suggest

1. July 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The anticipation for VALORANT’s next agent is building, with Riot Games teasing details about Agent 26, the game’s forthcoming addition. Though there hasn’t been an official announcement yet, the developers have been dropping intriguing hints.

What We Know So Far

Expected Release Date

Agent 26 is expected to debut in Episode Nine, Act Two, set to launch on August 27. This timeline aligns with Riot’s pattern of releasing new agents approximately every five to six months.

Role Speculation

Rumors suggest that Agent 26 could be an Initiator or Sentinel. This addition will follow Clove, the game’s sixth controller, introduced earlier in Episode Eight, Act Two.

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Visual Hints

Several clues have been sprinkled throughout the game:

  • Abyss Map Trailer: Towards the end, a mysterious character is briefly visible, possibly hinting at Agent 26.
  • Battle Pass Player Cards: Episode Nine, Act One’s rewards include two player cards that many believe are linked to the new agent. One card depicts a white metallic rose with purple accents, while another shows Omen reaching out to this rose.


The alleged codename for Agent 26 is SilverThumb. This name surfaced from a reliable leak by ValorLeaks on June 25.

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Speculations and Theories

  1. Release Timing: Riot Games typically adds a new character every five to six months, making the release of Agent 26 likely to align with the start of Episode Nine, Act Two.
  2. VALORANT Champions 2024: The championship begins in August, with the Grand Final on August 25. Riot has previously used VCT events’ final stages to showcase new maps and agents. An official trailer for Agent 26 could drop just days before the new Act begins.
  3. Abyss Map Teaser: In the official trailer for the Abyss map, a shadowy figure is seen trapped in an hourglass-shaped prison with frosted windows, visible from Abyss’ A site. Players who explored the map in Ghost mode found no further signs of this figure.
  4. Digihex Player Card: Fans speculate that the mysterious character from the Abyss trailer might be related to a figure seen in the Digihex Player Card, added in Episode Seven, Act One in June 2023.
  5. Agent Eight Theory: Some players believe the new character could be the missing Agent Eight due to these clues and body structure similarities.

Connections to Past Lore

Fans have theorized that this new character might be the long-missing Agent Eight from the VALORANT Protocol. The figure shares similarities with an unknown person depicted in the Digihex Player Card from Episode Seven, Act One.

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Potential Abilities

While there are no confirmed details about Agent 26’s abilities, a significant hint can be found in the Episode Nine trailer. Around 1:29 into the video, spiky roots emerge from the ground, suggesting that one of Agent 26’s abilities could trap enemies, a trait commonly associated with Sentinels like Cypher, Sage, and Killjoy.


With the VALORANT Champions 2024 event approaching, it’s likely Riot Games will unveil more about Agent 26 soon. Historically, new agents and maps have been showcased during the final stages of VCT events. Fans should keep an eye out for an official trailer just before the start of Episode Nine, Act Two.

As we await more information, the excitement continues to grow for what Agent 26 will bring to the game. Whether it’s the speculated Sentinel role or a unique set of abilities, one thing is certain—Agent 26 will shake up the VALORANT roster in a big way.

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