Valorant: Leaks Suggest a New Game Mode with Bots in Development

Valorant: Leaks Suggest a New Game Mode with Bots in Development

27. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Riot Games appears to be gearing up to introduce a fresh gameplay experience in Valorant. According to recent leaks, the popular FPS might soon feature a new game mode that incorporates bots, potentially changing how players engage with the game.

Exploring the New Bot Mode

As the community settles into the latest updates from Episode 9, hints of this new mode have started to surface. A prominent data miner revealed the presence of a “Bot Match” mode within the game’s code. This suggests that Riot Games is planning to add a bot interaction mode beyond the current practice options.


What We Know So Far

The leak uncovered two references to “Bot Match” in the game’s files. One of these is believed to be linked to a player card from the Episode 9 battle pass titled “Bot means business.” The other reference seems to point towards a new game mode where bots would play a central role, offering a different gameplay dynamic compared to existing modes.


Potential Gameplay Impact

Introducing a mode that integrates bots could significantly alter the Valorant experience. Currently, players interact with bots only in the practice mode, which is used for testing agents, weapons, and strategies. A dedicated bot mode could provide a new training ground for players or even a completely new way to enjoy the game, allowing for solo play or unique team setups.

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Community Speculation and Anticipation

While Riot Games has yet to officially confirm this new mode, the leak has generated considerable excitement. Players are eager to see how a bot-centric mode could enhance their gameplay experience. It remains to be seen whether this mode will make its way to the live servers, but the community is buzzing with anticipation.


The potential addition of a bot-focused game mode in Valorant could offer a refreshing change and new opportunities for both casual and competitive play. As we await official confirmation from Riot Games, the community continues to speculate and look forward to what could be a game-changing update.

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