100 Thieves Oust Evil Geniuses from VCT Americas Playoffs

100 Thieves Oust Evil Geniuses from VCT Americas Playoffs

9. July 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In a thrilling conclusion to their playoff run, 100 Thieves emerged victorious over Evil Geniuses, ending the latter’s hopes of defending their title at VALORANT Champions 2024.

100 Thieves Secure Playoff Spot with Victory Over Evil Geniuses

The competitive Valorant scene saw an intense clash as 100 Thieves faced off against Evil Geniuses in the VCT Americas. The high-stakes match determined the final playoff spot for Stage 2, with 100 Thieves clinching a 2-1 victory and eliminating the reigning world champions from the tournament.

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Match Analysis: 100 Thieves vs. Evil Geniuses

Map 1: Lotus

  • Evil Geniuses’ Map Pick
  • Halftime Lead: 100 Thieves 8-4
  • Final Score: 100 Thieves 13-10

Despite being Evil Geniuses’ choice, Lotus saw 100 Thieves take control early, securing a significant lead by halftime. Although Evil Geniuses fought back in the second half, 100 Thieves maintained their composure to win the map 13-10.

Map 2: Bind

  • Halftime Lead: Evil Geniuses 8-4
  • Final Score: Evil Geniuses 13-10

Bind presented a more balanced battle, with both teams exchanging rounds. Evil Geniuses managed to pull ahead by halftime and held their ground in the second half, tying the series with a 13-10 win.

Map 3: Ascent

  • Halftime Lead: 100 Thieves 9-3
  • Final Score: 100 Thieves 13-7

The deciding map, Ascent, saw 100 Thieves dominate from the start, leading 9-3 at halftime. Despite a strong push from Evil Geniuses in the second half, 100 Thieves closed out the match 13-7, securing their place in the playoffs.


Implications of the Elimination

With this loss, Evil Geniuses will not be able to defend their championship title at VALORANT Champions 2024. Their elimination ensures that a new champion will be crowned this year, marking a significant shift in the competitive landscape.

Qualified Teams for VCT Americas Playoffs

The conclusion of Stage 2 sets the stage for the VCT Americas playoffs, where the top teams will compete for a chance to represent the region at VALORANT Champions. The journey ahead promises to be fiercely contested as teams vie for international glory.


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