Zeus Ascendancy to Esports Glory: A Chronicle of T1’s Top Laner

Zeus Ascendancy to Esports Glory: A Chronicle of T1’s Top Laner

22. November 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Choi Woo-je “Zeus”, the formidable top laner of T1, has epitomized the essence of patience and gradual success in esports. At just 19, Zeus has not only clinched his domestic league title but also triumphed at the World Championship. His journey from a silver medalist to a world champion in 2023 is a testament to his resilience and skill.

The Weight of Legacy: T1’s Expectations

Being part of T1 brings with it immense pressure, more so for a top laner considering the club’s prestigious history. Names like “Impact”, “MaRin”, “Duke”, and “Khan” set a high benchmark. For Zeus, it was about embracing this legacy and carving his own path in the annals of T1’s storied history.

Rapid Rise and Overcoming Labels

LeagueOfLegends T1 toplaner Zeus 2023 Worlds Finals

Zeus’s meteoric rise was spectacular. He swiftly moved from being an unknown entity to a top laner par excellence, overshadowing his predecessor “Canna”. His talent was unmistakable, and he consistently ranked as the top player in the LCK in three out of four seasons of his career, showcasing the normalization of excellence at T1.

Battling Final Hurdles

Despite his prowess, finals were Zeus’s Achilles heel, except for his debut season. Encounters with top laners like “Doran” of Gen.G and “Kingen” of Hanwha Life Esports posed challenges, earning him an unwarranted label of a ‘choker’. However, these challenges were pivotal in shaping his mental fortitude.

T1’s Tactical Adaptation

In the grand finale against Weibo Gaming, T1 strategically leveraged Zeus’s capabilities. Opponents’ lack of innovation allowed T1 to counter-pick effectively, turning the tables in their favor. Zeus, benefitting from this strategy, showcased his mastery over champions like Yone and Gwen, outplaying even seasoned adversaries.

Final Verdict: Zeus’s Domination


Zeus’s performance at the World Championship finale was nothing short of legendary. His growth from a promising rookie to a world-class top laner is a narrative of overcoming fears and seizing the moment. His journey is a beacon of inspiration, showing that with patience and support, even the loftiest of  League of Legends esports dreams are attainable.

Early Beginnings: A Rising Star

For aspiring players, Zeus’s story is a blueprint for success – embracing your team’s legacy, learning from defeats, and capitalizing on your strengths can lead to unimaginable heights. His journey with T1 illustrates that in esports, as in life, patience and perseverance can conquer even the mightiest of challenges.